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P1, S1, T2

Industry Interview Project - CHOOSE YOUR TOPIC

To complete this assignment successfully, you should:

  1. Study the assignment carefully
  2. Respond to each question in the space provided
  3. Fill in your Name and Email address
  4. Send the Assignment


Many of you already know what area of the hospitality industry where you want to build your career while others are still exploring.. P1,S1,T2 gave a number of sites to explore that, perhaps, EXPANDED your potential choices.

The purpose of this project is twofold:

(a) Understand that "selling" or achieving revenue is mandatory in ALL businesses - so see it in first hand operation through this project and

(b) Make a contact in your chosen field which can help you in your career (perhaps get a job).

Before selecting a topic, make sure that you read the project specifications to obtain an idea of your task (hotlink on the topic page). Also, if you are still undecided about a specific industry, explore the topic page's sources and pick a sub-industry of hospitality that simply looks interesting.

While the project is not due until the middle of the course, you would be advised to start thinkning about it as soon as possible. It's something that will personally and professionally benefit you


Please open the link below to view the specifications for Individual Project assignment that you will complete as part of this course. Select your individual topic project and e-mail your selection to the instructor.

Industry Interview Project Specifications

WHAT IS YOUR PROJECT TOPIC? This may or may not be your industry career focus (as you sent in "The Meeting Guide" Assignment. However if the two are the same, this would be best. Afterall, the "Interview Project" is an opportunity to learn more about your career focus AND perhaps make a contact that will help you get a job.

For grading purposes, please provide the following information:

Your Name:
Your Email address:

Once you have filled in the areas above, click the Send button below to send your response to the instructor.


Send E-mail to Richard G McNeill Ed.D., CHME
or call (520) 523-1713


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