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Synthesis Question: P1, S1, T2

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PHASE I, STEP#1, TOPIC 2 - The Hospitality Industry

This activity related ALL of the activities performed for this topic.

The new selling profession of Consultative Sales mandates that successful hospitality salespeople intimately understand the nature of their industry and the characteristics of their customers.

1. Name and describe the "players" who are involved in the world of hospitality sales - Start with "Customers"

a. What are the main types of meeting planners that hospitality salespeople sell to?

b. Give some major differences between these meeting planners.

c.What kind of meetings do these meeting planners hold? Name and briefly describe.

2. Name and describe the "players" who are involved in the world of hospitality sales - Next describe the "Sellers."

a. Name at least five sub-industries of the hospitality industry who sell to these meeting planners.

b. Do these sub-industries have "sales forces?" For each of the above named sub-industries, discuss if the sales force is a group of people or perhaps only the owner (if small business).

c. Why is it important for hospitality salespeople to know the different kinds of meetings held by meeting planners? After all, aren't all definitions the same?

3. Discuss the importance of the revenue that is generated to the hospitality industry by meeting planners.

  1. What is the total estimated revenue generated?
  2. Where do Association meeting attendees spend Money in the hospitality industry?
    Give current percentages and amounts.

4. Regarding the "new consultative selling profession" (See Online Lesson):

a. Describe your understanding of the new profession

b. How is it different from the past?

c. Do you think that "Transactional" Salespeople will eventually be replaced by the Internet/Web? Why?

d. Will "Consultative Salespeople" expand in importance, educational requirements, and be supported by selling teams? Why?

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