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    Dr. Richard G. McNeill joined the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (SHRM) at Northern Arizona University (NAU) in the Fall of 1989 after a career in sales and marketing management with a premier conference resort and hotel management company. He has 30 years experience in sales and marketing.  Twelve (12) of these years were in the hospitality industry as salesman and sales and marketing executive including positions with a premier conference resort, Hilton, as well as founding and operating a hotel sales representative firm. The remainder of this experience was in the financial industry and hospitality sales and marketing education.

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    At NAU he teaches Hospitality Sales Management, Hospitality Marketing, and International Hospitality Operations. McNeill's doctorate work focused on continuous quality improvement models as applied to undergraduate hospitality administration programs. He integrates quality process concepts and systems into all of his business related courses.

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  Dr. McNeill’s general research interests focus on hospitality marketing and sales emphasizing “go-to-market” systems (multiple selling channels).  He specializes in hospitality major account (complex) personal sales.

Through his firm, The McNeill Group, Inc., Dr. McNeill and his associates provide consultation, seminar facilitation, and training services to the hospitality industry.

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                                         DR. MAC'S SERVICE PHILOSOPHY

Personal and Professional Mission Statement

    To discover, disseminate, and diffuse productive process paradigms and practices of individual and organizational selling within the hospitality industry for the purpose of providing service to others. 

Mission Implementation Strategy

     Discover.  This deals with hospitality sales research. Dr. Mac’s focus is on applied research and productive hospitality related selling paradigms and practices. Significant changes are currently taking place as process improvement methodologies (quality management and others) are being applied to the sales function.  Also, the Internet/ Web and Sales Force Automation (SFA) have affected “sea changes” in the way selling process effectively operates today.

    Disseminate.  This focuses on making "state-of-the-art" sales research available to others. This means ensuring that current research is made available to hospitality students and the hospitality industry. Dr. Mac accomplishes this through classroom teaching at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management (SHRM) and through his Web-based Hospitality Sales Course. Additionally, Dr. Mac publishes in both hospitality related publications aimed at the industry and academic community. 

    Diffuse.  This extends the concept of dissemination by facilitating and affecting change as opposed to simply making research ideas widely available. For SHRM students, Dr. Mac affects individual change through a personalized and systematic mentoring program:  (a) identify students interested in hospitality sales, (b) match them with industry contacts and mentors, (c) locate specialized internship programs for these students, and (d) personally become involved in helping these students find their first job in hospitality sales. 

Mission Implementation Vehicles

     Hospitality Sales Institute - SHRM.  Dr. Mac is well along the way in developing a Hospitality Sales Institute that has partnership alliances with key industry associations. This institute forms a formalized structure to implement the above strategy that focuses on both students and industry. Through this institute, Dr. Mac serves his students and provides SHRM educational services access to the hospitality industry.

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     The McNeill Group, Inc.  Dr. Mac’s consulting and training and development company implements the above strategy through specialized projects unable to be completed by the Hospitality Sales Institute. Most projects are “Productivity Solutions.” The company’s servicemark, “Interdependent Collaboration Achieving Customer Solutions,” reflects the company’s “project” and “team” approach.  All projects are addressed by teams that are specifically assembled from a database of content experts.  Teams are composed of these assembled experts and significant client involvement; project teams are “partnerships.” 

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   The above two implementation vehicles are symbiotic and achieve Dr. Mac’s mission. Research and practices learned in either of the above vehicles are shared with the other.


Measures of Success

    Quality and quantity of service provided to hospitality students and the hospitality industry are the primary markers of success. Dr. Mac keeps records of students that he has successfully helped to launch into their chosen field of hospitality sales.  He also meticulously records his consulting assignments and training seminars aimed at increasing sales productivity in the hospitality industry.


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