HIS 498:  Film and History:  India's Partition

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Syllabus (in htm format)

Syllabus (in pdf) 


PEER REVIEW GUIDELINES AND FORM  (.rtf document for you to open and use on any text editor)

Sound of Surviving:  A film made Danielle DeMarco, as her final project for the class, fall 2018.

Research Links



RESEARCH PAGE FROM CLINE LIBRARY  (you MUST look over this before our research class on September 19th)

A link to search Constituent Assembly Debates

Joseph Schwartzberg's Historical Atlas of South Asia (probably the single best source for the historical geography of the region)


OUTLINES /STUDY GUIDES (copied from HIS 312: Gandhi's India)

 Indian History:  A Chronological Overview

 Indian History Outline Powerpoint

Mughals to Europeans: An Outline With Links to Maps and Images

Outline # 1: Coming of British Rule

Mughals to EIC Powerpoint

Video:  Story of India "Freedom"

Outline # 2: Revolt of 1857 and Responses to EIC Colonialism

                        Early Responses to EIC Rule Powerpoint

Video Link to PBS “Story of India” 1857

Outline # 3: Themes in Indian Nationalism

Powerpoint:  Nationalism and the Middle Class

Powerpoint:  Early Nationalism in India

Images:  British India

Story of India link Amritsar Massacre

Outline # 4: Gandhi and Indian Nationalism, 1915-32

Powerpoint:  Gandhi

Powerpoint:  Gandhi’s India

Powerpoint:  Gandhi and Hind Swaraj

Outline # 5: Toward Independence and Partition 1928-47

                          Partition Powerpoint

                        Questions about Partition


"Toba Tek Singh" a short story by Saadat Hasan Manto (Frances Pritchett's translation)

Other Links to Toba Tek Singh from Frances Pritchett's page


"Those Fateful Days" Three Essays by CM Naim on local Muslim politics in Barabanki 

BBC's The Hidden Story of Partition and its Legacies

BBC's "Partition Memories"

BBC's "Partitioning India Over Lunch"

Prof. C. M. Naim's review of the film Jinnah  (information regarding Prof. Naim Professor Emeritus, University of Chicago)

Illingworth's Cartoons in the UK Daily Mail around theme of Partition


For a good (though by now dated) overview of fictional writing on partition, see Jason Francisco "In the Heat of Fratricide:  The Literature of India's Partition Burning Freshly"  Annual of Urdu Studies vol. 11 (1996).  A review article


TAMAS (Darkness)  A television mini-series directed by Govind Nihalani based on a novel by Bhishma Sahni.  One of the outstanding, and earliest, representations of the traumas of partition on the screen, this was produced for Doordarshan, the state television channel in India.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate any subtitled versions of this mini series, so the dialogs will not make sense without some knowledge of Hindi, Urdu, Hindustani.

An Interview with Bhishma Sahni  (IGNOU series on Partition Through the Eyes of Indian Authors). Questions in English, author responds in Hindi

Useful Research Links

Benjamin, A Student's Guide to Online History Resources

Internet Movie Database  (probably the most extensive source for information about movies available on the internet)

Upperstall.Com, an interesting site on Indian Cinema