Evaluation and Assessment

Week 5

How do you know your students learned what you wanted them to learn?

Did you do a good job of teaching?

What are you going to base their grades on?

Evaluation isn't just done as paper and pencil tests. This is a process that is intimately involved with your planning long before the class first meets. It is also an on-going process that continues along with instruction as you assess what your students have learned, what teaching strategies are effective with the students and modify your course delivery accordingly. This section is a brief over-view and introduction to assessment. There is another course module in the Adjunct Training Program that will go in much greater depth.

"Good assessment is about expanding the assessment repertoire because no single form is sufficient. Every method has its strengths and weaknesses, and its place" Wiggins (1993).

Module Outline:

Types of assessment and kinds of data they yield

Authentic Assessment

Review the following 2 web sites - list types of assessments, what you would use them for, their strengths and weaknesses:

1.National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing

2.ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation


Controversies in assessment - 1.Student Hostility

2. Grade Inflation (Adjunct)


Assessment, teaching, and planning

Setting up on-line quizzes

Instructor Evaluation

Evaluation goes both ways at the college level - students evaluate you.


is an essential element of good instruction. This article offers a good technique for giving student feedback.



*Final Assignment -

1.Based on your experience, the content in this module, and the web sites identify 3 different types of assessments you will use in your course and justify the choices.(Evaluation Plan) Email responses to instructor

2. Design and create a web quest about diversity/assistive technology for your students to complete. This is a shared assignment with CEE 100. Send this assignment to the List Serve you created the first week.

3. Consider what you have learned in this course about adult learners. In the lesson plan assignment for CEE 100, carefully craft an assessment that would effectively measure student learning in your lesson involving technology integration. Send this assignment to the List Serve you created the first week.

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