Lesson Planning - tools of the trade

Week 2

Module Outline:

Essential Questions

ABC's of Content Lesson Planning

Elements of Lesson Plans

Curriculum Concerns

1.Changes in College Curriculum?

2.Multiculturalism and Curriculum

3.Curriculum Development for Native American Students

Explore link for Integrating Internet Resources

Integrating the Internet Resource Site


*Assignment -

1. Shared assignment with CEE 100 - Module 1, web exploration of lesson plan web sites that help you integrate technology into the classes you teach. Your MS PowerPoint should include 3 lesson plan sites as well as the summary of your reading for CEE 100.

2. Write 3 essential questions for the subject you teach. (email response to instructor)

3. Web exploration - find two web sites that offer resources for curriculum development for integrating technology into the classes you teach. (shared assignment with CEE 100, Module 2). You will be filling out an SRF form.

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