Getting the Class Started (and keeping it going)

Week 4

Module Outline:

First Day Articles

First day on the right foot

Adult students on first day

Diversity in every way

1. Diversity and Instructional Approaches

2. Culturally Responsive Teaching

3. Helping Students in Trouble

Cohorts (article)

Quote from article:"Based on our findings, we offer the following suggestions for successful cohort development and maintenance:
1. Faculty should discuss with student cohorts the rationale, hoped-for benefits, and possible land mines for the use of the cohort model.
2. The ways in which cohorts function should be an explicit part of the curriculum of any teacher education program. That is, forming community, dealing with differences, and negotiating conflicts within the cohort and in the classroom should all be explicitly studied as part of preparation for being a teacher.
3. Teacher educators must implement mechanisms for monitoring and assessing the changes within the student cohort. Faculty can use quick writes, journaling, class discussions, and classroom meeting formats to make transparent the functioning of the community as well as to model how these strategies can be used in classrooms.
4. Faculty members who share a group of students must find ways to exchange information essential to continuity and smooth functioning of the cohort. The professor who meets with the cohort on Tuesday must know what happened in class on Monday, not only the content that was addressed but also if there were any significant events in the "life of the community." High points (a unique community building moment or bonding experience) as well as challenges must be shared, as they will inform what happens next for the learners involved."

Climate - more than just the weather

1. Using Humor

2. Class Perspectives

3. Syllabus Power


*Assignment -

1. Virtual Conference - share your first day stories

2. Design a 1 page, 2 column newsletter in MS WORD (see CEE 100, Module 4) focusing on the first day of class. Post this to the List Serve that you created the first week.

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