CHEMISTRY, Raymond Chang; McGraw-Hill, Inc., 
  9th edition (2007)   ISBN-13 978 0072980605  

Note:  We are using the 9th edition of this text, even though the 10th edition has been published.   If you are obtaining the text from other sources than the NAU Bookstore, please make sure you purchase the 9th edition.

There are two official ways to obtain the required text book for this course.

(1)  Obtaining the hard cover text directly from the NAU Bookstore or other textbook outlets in town or on the web.

Electronic versions of the book (eBook) are available in two formats at approximately half the cost of a new printed text.   Direct Online Viewing and Complete Digital Download.  Students may chose either option depending on their circumstances (e.g., do not own a computer, but have access to the internet).   However, there are restrictions on the usage of these texts. (For example, 360 days usage only, download to only one computer, or page printing restrictions.   Please check the restrictions on-line before purchasing).

(2)  Direct Online Viewing or Complete Digital Download versions of the textbook are available at

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Note: When purchasing an eText, the publisher recommends you enter the ISBN number (versus the author's name) to ensure you are getting the 9th edition.  Chang, Chemistry, 9/e, 2007 ISBN: 0072980605