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Please go to the previous page and check the Final Exam Information link. 

Remember the Final is on Tuesday May 4th at 10:00 a.m.

This link will have a list of information about the upcoming quiz.  Quizzes are typically 5-6 questions of various types (multiple choice, short calculation, short essay, etc.).   Each quiz is worth 25 points each.   Quizzes cover the information from the previous quiz/exam and are given at the last 20 minutes of the class period.

This information page will be updated Wednesday after class when the material covered for the week is known.  This page may be updated earlier in the week to reflect my thoughts on which topics are "fair game" after each lecture is complete.   Helpful hint, I will try to select some of the homework problems for the quiz.    

Quiz #11  Thursday April 29th   LAST ONE ....WOO HOO!!!!!   (Remember the Final is Tuesday May 4th @ 10:00 pm)


While each week's quiz will be over that material presented since the cut-off for the  last event, some skills learned in the previous weeks may be used as part of the solution to the current week's quiz. 

The 11th quiz will start where the material cut off for last exam.   That is, Chapter 11 AND 12 are on this quiz.



Intermolecular Forces

Dipole-dipole Forces

Ion-dipole Forces

London Dispersion Forces (or Dispersion or van der Waal forces) - Very Weak but Go "Up" with Atomic/molecular Weight

Hydrogen Bond - H Bonded to N O F

"Like Dissolves Like"

Use Molecular Forces to Predict about Melting and Boiling Points


Heat of Vaporization

Vapor Pressure

Vapor Pressure Vs. Temperature

Boiling Point a Function of Applied Pressure


Units of Concentration


Mole Fraction


Colligative Properties

Vapor Pressure Lowering

Boiling Point Elevation change in T = kb*molality

Freezing Point Depression change in T = kf*molality

Osmotic Pressure Pressure = Pi  = difference in Molarity * R * T


Lewis Dot Structure Guidelines  you might need these to determing the polarity of a molecule to know what forces are being used to hold the solid/liquid together


Chapter 11 Problems (Page 494)

        10, 12, 14, 16, 78 (important), 94, 102, 122

Chapter 12 Problems (Page 534)

        52, 58, 66


The link below will show a subdirectory that will list scanned PDF files of worked out keys to the quizzes and exams, so you can check your work against a possible method of doing the problems.    Just click on the listed item and it should pop up in your PDF viewer.

  Quiz and Exam Keys    Scanned Quiz and Exam Keys

(entered Sunday 4/25/10)

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