Finding a difinitive list of gear for the Roger's Rangers and ranger units during the French and Indian War is difficult. After doing a bit a research and relying on research from other groups like we feel that the following is a reasonable approximation of what may have been worn by officers and conscripts. You may either make your own clothing and gear or buy it from a number of different sutlers such as Smoke and Fire or JAS Townsend.

Sutlers atend many events, are found on the web, or through hobby related magazines. 

Start up costs are sometimes prohibitive. In order to join the company a certain minimum kit will be necessary. The minimum kit consists of a basic uniform. Please contact the company before buying larger items such as a musket or tent.

Once you have your kit you may take part in a number of different events including rondesvouz, reenactments or even trekking.

The following list details the minimum kit for the French and Indian War period. Notes on changes for Revolutionary War will be noted in parentheses. 

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Rogers' Rangers

French and Indian War

Image to the right shows an officer's outfit for summer. Conscripts and militia with the ranger outfit will wear a waistcoat for summer and add a frock coat or hunter's shirt during colder weather.

  • Brown French fly-front breeches $60 (white for rev war)
  • Shirt, colored or check pattern $40 (white cotton for rev war)
  • Long dark green waistcoat $60 (short for rev war or if Scottish persona)
  • Scottish bonnet, green wool $15 Officers should wear an officer's hat in black, grey or brown. (black tricorn or rifleman's hat for rev war)
  • Uniform: Rogers' regimental green wool with green facing $200 + (red facing for rev war)


The picture to the right shows a cooler weather outfit. It consists of a linen shirt, a waistcoat, officer's jacket, officer's hat with game tail and feathers, an equipment belt with tomahawk and knife, french fly breaches, hose and older style tie shoes.

Gear common to both time periods:
  • Frock, green linen $70
  • Leggings, green wool (hand made)
  • Stockings, silk (for warm weather) and wool (for cold weather), any color. $8.00 - $12.00 per pair
  • Moccasins $50 or buckle shoes $100-$150
  • Wooden bowl $12 - $15
  • Spoon $3
  • - $5
  • Haversack $8 - $15
  • Tin cup $5
  • - $10
  • Equipment belt $50

The following items are not required upon joining However, you should try and have them by the second season.

  • The standard tent is a wedge configuration of white canvas: The cost will vary based on the size and exact configuration. 
  • Musket, Brown Bess: $650. Some rangers also carried civilian hunting arms. 

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Most of these items can be hand made using available patterns and materials. 

  • Shift, cotton or linen: $25. 
  • Petticoat, cotton or linen, drawstring: $25. 
  • Apron, drawstring: $7. 
  • Stockings, cotton, extra long, 2 pair: $8.50 ea. 
  • Cap (not a mob cap), cotton or linen: $15. 
  • Shortgown, bedgown, or sleeved jacket, cotton or linen: $40. NO sleeveless bodices. 
  • Modesty piece scarf: $10. 
  • Shoes, black: $85. 





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Patterns and period materials are available from various vendors. A full supply of pre-made children's clothing is available but most folks make their own and pass them on. The lad to the right is wearing a shirt with a hunter's shirt over it, brown homespun breaches, white hose, shoes and a Scots blue bonnet. He is also wearing a standard military style belt with a belt knife and tomahawk. Note on the shoes: these shoes are a later period design and not proper for the time period. However, this style of shoe (desert boot) is cheap and for a growing child will be accepted.