Order of the Defenders of the White Scarf

In Anno Societatis XXVIII, (February 20, 1994 C.E.), in the Reign of Alan and Corisande, there was created an award known as the Order of the Defenders of the White Scarf. On the Fifteenth of July A.S. XXX their Magesties Trelon and Varia amended the order to the following.

 I. Establishment of the Order

 A. There shall exist in the Kingdom of Atenveldt an award, known as the Defenders of the White Scarf, which may be given by the Crown to those persons who have demonstrated excellence in the art of defense with ra- pier, giving freely of their expertise in the use and artistry of this weapon form, and the courtly graces which accompany its mastery, and who have provided service and continuing obedience to Our Laws and the Ideals of the Society for Creative Anachronism.

 B. The holders of the Order shall be entitled to place after their names the initials D.W.S. to designate their membership in the Order, and shall be styled "Defender of the White Scarf" in processionals.

 II. Arms and Precedence

 A. The Order shall carry with it at the pleasure of the Crown, a Grant of Arms. Holders of the Order shall take precedence after the Peerage but before a simple Grant of Arms.

 B. All previous members of the Order shall, from this date, bear a Grant of Arms.

 III. Membership of the Order

 A. The Queen shall bestow the Order of the White Scarf upon the candidate.

 B. Membership in the Order shall not be limited.

 C. Holders of the Order shall retain their membership in the Order despite any changes in residence.

 IV. Principals of the Order

 A. The Crowns shall be the Principals of the Order.

 B. The Principals of the Order shall share all the rights, privileges and responsibilities of the Order.

 V. Insignia of the Order

 A. Members of the Order shall be distinguished by a White Scarf worn over the left shoulder.

 B. The Scarf may be decorated with simple trim in the subject's own heraldic colors and may be clasped with a Sun in its Splendor Or.

 VI. Premier The Premier of the Order is Lord Gwylym ab Owain Tatershall.

VII. The membership of all previous members is hereby confirmed.

Done by Our hand this fefteenth day of July A.S. XXX, being 1995 in the Common Era.
Trelon -- Rex Atenveldtus Varia -- Regina Eilidh -- Kingdom Seneschal Angela -- Aten Herald 

Other members inducted the night the Order was originally established: Baron Ioseph of Locksley, Master Ivan du Grae, and Lord William Thorne.

 The following members have been inducted into the Order since its founding: Master Albert Faulke, Master Rob de Fletcher, Lord Roderick the Sly, Master Malcolm the Scot, Lord Jakob von Hohl, Lady Bianca, Lord Diego de Marulanda, Lord Gryffydd, Lady Deborah Inis Glas, HL Robert de Zwijger van Limburg, Baron Padraig Dillon (now known as Maitre Wallace le Casse), Lord Giacomo Cavalli di Treviso, Lord Wolfgang von Hesse, Lady Selene O'Malley, Laird Duncan MacLean, Maestro Domingo Diego Diaz de la Vega y Martin de Valencia Y Avila, Lord Simon Aaron of Windamire, Master Tinamou the Untamed, Lady Regan Weissdrachen, Lord James D'Treville, Lord Justinian Timagenes, Lord Senan O'Faolan, Lord Rhys MacArthur, Lord Charles the Bull, Lord Simon, Lord Malise Aethlstan MacKendry.