Der Federfechter und Marxbruder

The German schools are famous for the quality of students that they produced. As I have time I will include more information as I come across it.

Arms of the Groups

Both German fencing guilds had heraldic devices and have been very proud of them. They were subject to some changes during the existance of the guilds as the privileges were. The 'Marxbrüder' received their arms first at April 4th, 1521 from Emperor Charles V. At Aril 20th, 1670 Emperor Leopold I gave out a new letter of arms.

The 'Federfechter' use an device already in the 1570s but it was not official. At March 7th, 1607 Emperor Rudolf II gave them their official device and the same privilleges as the 'Marxbrüder' had at this time. In 1688 the arms have been extended by Emperor Leopold I. (From Stefan Dieke)

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