The Lansing Swordfighting Convention was a great success!  I taught a class on Marozzo and also helped with instruction in small sword and backsword.  The following are some pictures from the convention with a little commentary.
Here I am teaching Marozzo.  A number of examples of period bucklers are on the floor.
Here I am illustrating the start of a punta riversa.
Two different styles of brochiero (buckler).
The guardia di faccia.
The cinghiara porta di ferro larga.
Instructing the class as they prepare to try the various guards.
Stefan Dieke teaching Meyer.
Stephen Hand teaching rapier.
Paul MacDonald teaching longsword.  Jared Kirby is holding up the illustration.
Paul MacDonald, William Wilson and Stephen Hand.
Stepahn Hand and Jared Kirby.
Paul and William.
Paul and William coming to grips.
Circling after coming to grips.
Paul & William again.
Stephen & William.
Stephen getting ready to fight. One must have all the proper tools to get the job done...