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My Travelling 

I started playing traveller in the early 80's.  The original rules were classic Traveller in the 3 small books.  Over time I added to my collection and settled on a cross between the Classic and Megatraveller rules with quite a bit added from Striker and some house additions.  This site is dedicated to Classic and Megatraveller.  I have housed a number of files and programs that I have either created myself or gathered through my travels.  I have just started a new Traveller campaign based on the Megatraveller rules (Hiya Skidder!)  and if time and energy allows will post excerpts of play from this campaign (starting in year 1112).

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Imperium Games

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Traveller Mailing List

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HIWG Document Archive

I am currently updating my deck plans and maps with Campaign Cartographer 2.  You can get a viewer for Windows here.

These pages will contain spacecraft and equipment for your use. Some software for creating equipment will be housed here too.
The Ancients
Try out my Ancient Adventure set in the Spinward Marches.
Miscellaneous Files
Sector information, Megatraveler Basic Character Generator and other goodies. 
Alternate Rules
Alternate rules. We are using these rules for the current campaign.
My Campaign
Information about my current campaign. 


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