Unit 11

   English 201: 
  Masterpieces of Western Literature
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  1. _____ --  show me a greater crim in all the earth!
    She, she  destroys cities, rips up houses.
    Fill in the blank.  What is this worst crime?
  2. In the first question above, the worst crime is definitely female ("she" is repeated). Why?  The gender association is not gratutious.  It is in harmony with one of themes of the play.  Hint.  Males error on side of violence, discipline, & over commitment to public social organizations (military, politics, professions).  What is the opposite typical female error (obviously illustrated by Antigone)?
  3. One of the themes in Medea is "the battle of the sexes."  Medea says:
    I'd rather stand 3 times in the front line [of the army in a battle] rather than . . .
  4. Jason asks about Medea's motive for murderng their children:
    You though that reason enough to urder them?
    To what does he refer?
  5. What was Jason doing when he first met Medea?
  6. All men make mistakes, it is only human
    But once the wrong is done . . .
    you can minimize the tragedy or suffering, if you recognize what?
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