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ESE502: The Class

The Class

If this is your first time in the class, you should:

  1. Read the help page and get the required plug-ins.
  2. Read Getting Started.
  3. Look at the overview of the course.

Then read the syllabus, enter the class, communicate with others in the class, view additional resources from Cline Library, or get technical help.

There are four modules in this class. You should complete them in the order shown.
The modules are:
  1. Self Assessment
  2. Paradigms
  3. Balance
  4. Structure

There is a final for this class. You take it at the completion of the course. If you are taking this course for one credit hour (1000 points), please submit it upon completion of 900 course points. If taking the course for 3 credits, submit it upon completion of 2900 points.


To review how to keep track of points and monitor progress toward completion of the course, click on Keeping score. To get back to this page again, just hit BACK on your browser.

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