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Critical Thinking: Pieces of the IEP Picture

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Assignment One

Choose one of the following activities to help cement your understanding of IDEA 1997.

1. There are six critical principles in IDEA 1997. They might be considered the primary ingredients in a recipe for success. Develop a metaphor comparing IDEA 97 with baking a cake from scratch. [50 points]

2. Write short 100-150 word essays on five of the following points: [50 points]

a) What is the purpose of Least Restrictive Environment (LRE)?

b) How can we assure that a student's strengths are included as part of the IEP process?

c) How can a district insure that due process rights are accorded to parents?

d) What are realistic goals for students with disabilities?

e) Who are the students served through IDEA?

f) Why might someone conclude that IDEA is still in the process of developing?

g) Why might a student be excluded from the IEP meeting?

h) What are the safeguards for appropriate assessment?

i) What is the difference between evaluation and assessment?

3. Draw out a time line showing educational progress in the past 50 years. Include court cases and public laws. [50 points]

4. Write a definition for each of the following terms: [50 points]





Part B

Rehab Act


Due Process


Levels of Inclusion

Action Research Option: [100 points]

Develop ten questions about the IDEA principles. Now contact five parents, five special education teachers and five regular classroom teachers. Compile the answers and look for trends. Report the questions and trends by email.

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