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The things a student says about school, about school work, and the ways each responds to tasks tells us a great deal about a student's level of philosophical development.

Monitor one child at a time until able to identify the responses set. Mark the level and move to another child, covering as many youngsters as possible during the time allotted.


  • is fun
  • is no fun
  • is hard
  • is good for you
  • helps you learn, helps in school
Impulsive --------------------------


  • is good
  • nice
  • fine
  • is good to have
  • is good for getting a job
  • is boring
  • is for the birds
  • is not good
Self-protective --------------------------


  • is important in the world today
  • is necessary, good for everyone
  • is essential, something everyone should have
  • is wonderful, desirable, great
Conformist --------------------------


  • is an important part of life
  • is necessary for success
  • is worthwhile
  • is worth it
  • is an asset, a goal
  • can't be taken away
  • everyone should have as much as possible


  • is important for social goals
  • should be improved
  • is more than book learning, gained in different ways
  • should be available to all, an opportunity
  • is satisfying, stimulating, enriching
  • leads to growth, improvement, preparation for life
  • is a way of solving problems, opens doors
Conscientious --------------------------


  • should never end, continues throughout life
  • is essential for a full life, for enjoyment of life
  • is not always what it seems to be
Individualistic --------------------------


  • is intrinsically valuable, admirable
  • is important social and in individual lives
  • helps you cope with life (original, elaborate)
  • leads to self-fulfillment, self understanding
  • allows recognition of new values
Actualizing --------------------------

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