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ESE504 : The Class : PEPSI : 7th year

Seven Year

Teaching Respect for self and others

Age 7


Small muscle control advances and draws the child's energy and enthusiasm

Touching, exploring, feeling the other kinesthetic activities become exciting with love for coloring, drawing, marbles, jacks, doing puzzles, making model giving great pleasure

General health improves with fewer to surface with many children of this age

Interest in the body and in the sexual nature of a person appears to wane somewhat though interest in pregnancy may surface

Physical sphincter control is generally complete - in fact this is an age of deepening control - self, body, emotions

Tires easily and may need rest


Industry vs. Inferiority Inferiority is a great concern for this age child and small setbacks may create a sense of work paralysis

"Bad days" are accompanied by not hearing directions, having to be brought back to reality, to tasks at hand, and forgotten and lost work or getting off track

Life seems to be sung in a minor key

Fear is often pervasive with increases in night terrors, sleep walking and talking, fears of monster talk

Many exhibit almost a neurotic set of behaviors--increases in sucking fingers, chewing nails, hair, clothes, self stimulation, nervous tics and habits


Internal sense of right or wrong is developing

Holds single absolute idea of appropriate behavior

Believes rules must remain unchanged, immutable

Determines guilt by amount of damage done

Moral wrongness comes from doing the forbidden

Believes in obedience to rules as a requirement to those in authority - not questionable, but avoidable through not getting caught

Feels peer aggression and transgression is especially grievance and will tattle to assume self validity and because of the belief that rules are "sacred"

Intention is unimportant, while getting caught or not getting caught becomes paramount

Self justification is common


Referents: Fathers may be more highly valued and quoted as authorities
Teachers continue to be valued if the child is able to succeed at school
Best friends become vital for many children

Withdrawing is common in this age span

Moodiness and melancholy are common attendants

Extra time is often filled with ruminating and the solitary pursuits - reading, TV, daydreaming

Frequently complaints about others and unfairness as well as tattling are normal

Request for assistance are usually honored and taken seriously, done willingly

Bickering and teasing may increase if child feels a sense of insecurity or crisis

When upset the child often comes to others to fight the battle or square things


Concrete operational thinking emerges: the child begins to understand causality and continuity in time objects, numbers, etc.

There is more than verbal agreement with inanimate objects no being alive, that the sun does not move itself, that clouds do not make the decision to rain

Child may truly wish to do good work for an internal sense of value, responsibility

There may be an emergent understanding of reversibility in conversation of matter, liquid, etc.

The intellect may be in the ascendancy and with it an new sense of prowess in really understanding a notion or concept, even initiating a personal explanation


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