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A Portrait of 'Norm'

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Directions: Please write a generalized description or portrait of the developmental strengths and characteristics of the age students you teach. Address each area of the PEPSI model specifically-- physical, emotional, philosophical, social and intellectual development. If you wish, you may also include the language or literacy and mathematical developmental abilities that you typically see, though it may take courage to be clear about what the general student ability is, rather than reflecting the curriculum expectations. If you see a large gender difference in your grade level, please provide background about the expectations for boys and how they differ from the portrait of girls.

If you are not teaching at this time, find a youngster you know - relative, sibling, friend's child, and try the exercise with them.

There are several observation charts to sharpen your skills in recognizing and quantifying different PEPSI elements in the classroom. You can access these by clicking on the appropriate letter in the chart that follows. For each area of development, there is a chart that can be printed out and used to observe student behaviors, and then a reflection piece that may enhance your insights.

Observation and Reflection

Physical Development - Observation Physical Development - Reflection
Emotional Development - Observation Emotional Development - Reflection
Philosophical Development - Observation Philosophical Development - Reflection
Social Development - Observation Social Development - Reflection
Intellectual Development - Observation Intellectual Development - Reflection


Excellent A detailed written overview of a student is present. In addition, five developmental areas addressed, specific to one age group. The information may also include cognitive strengths in the areas of mathematics and literacy, with attention to gender differences.
Good A general written overview of a student is present. In addition, five developmental areas addressed, specific to one age group.
Marginal The overview misses some of the PEPSI categories and gives some idea about age specific traits, but in general, lacks clarity about developmental issues for the age group chosen, or generally misses the point.

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