ECI 675 Curriculum Construction
Spring 2007

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Assignment Schedule Revised
Daily Schedule

Concentrated Discussion Rubric

Universal Design Chapter It is an interesting addition to the Tomlinson article on Differentiated Learning.

Week 17: May 8

Hand in your final by 6:00, electronically, in my mail box, or in the slot outside my office door 202B.




Past Weeks listed below________________________________________________

Week 1 January 16
What is curriculum?

Week 2 January 23
Self assess you strengths and weaknesses related to the characteristics you listed for what makes a good curriculum developer. (for discussion, not to be turned in)

Read over the definitions of curriculum that was handed out in class. Which one do you most and least identify with? Create a brief case for why you agree with a particular definition.(for discussion, not to be turned in)

Read Pages 1-11 Wiggins and McTighe
Read the Marsh and Willis article found on VISTA
Create a comparison chart for three perspectives on Curriculum: Tyler, Walker, Eisner (for discussion and will be turned in)

Week 3 January 30

Read UBD pages 13-34
We will go over paradigm perspectives for curriculum design.

We will focus on circles of priorities and Enduring Understandings from the Wiggins and McTighe approach.
Week #4February 6

Paper Assignment #1 Comparison
Curriculum References
Read pages 35-81in UBD
Read Electronic article by Tomlinson

Week 5 February 13

Contribution: Mikhael Star
Read UBD 82 - 145

We will have a 15 point discussion #3
Bring the UBD three stage unit plan ideas.
Bring the circles of priorities that we started last week.

Week 6: February 20

Contribution: Bobby Macias

Read UBD 146-171
Comparison Paper #2 is due
Bring in Stage 1 draft for your unit
Read Parker Palmer Chapter on VISTA readings

Week 7: February 27
Contribution: Sara Abram
Read UBD 172-190
Refine Stage one.
Using the 6 facets , briefly describe evidence that would reflect understanding from the point of view of each facet.

Then, choose evidence from one facet of understanding and design a performance task vignette using the GRASPS Task Design Prompts on page 159 of your text. I will take a look at your work as we work on these in class. You do not have to hand it in unless you would like further feedback.
Discussion #4 over readings from last week and this week pages 146 - 190.

Example Questions to consider:
What does "think like an assessor not like an activity designer" mean for the roles of the student and teacher? How does thinking like an assessor benefit and/or detract from teaching and learning? How does this perspective affect your view of what a teacher does (refer to your metaphor for teaching).

Week 8: March 6
Contribution: Mike Merica

Read UBD 191-226
Concept map due using WHERETO elements in instructional planning.

Week 9: March 13
Contribution: Dee Jackson

Week 10: March 20 Spring Break

Week 11: March 27
UBD 254 -301

Professor at conference
No class

Week 12: April 3
Contribution: Amanda Tate
UBD 302 - 321
Unit Plan: Rationale and Introduction due

UBD pages 227- 253 Also read the Haberman article on VISTA.

Week 13: April 10
Working Classroom Session
Bring all of your unit pieces to go over with your critical friend.

Week 14: April 17 No Class
Attend the Education Conference (There's A Reason I'm A Teacher)
Discussant: Dee and maybe Amanda

Week 15: April 24
Unit Plan Presenation
Power Point Rubric

In reference to the final square in the Task Stream rubric: Include a self reflection on the process of the unit design with your unit. The peer assessment will happen on Tuesday 4/24 when you observe your classmates' presentations. You can hand it in to me separately on the 24th. Please bring the hard copy of your unit design on Tuesday evening 4/24.

Let's try to get the unit uploaded into task stream by 5/1. In fact we can up load it together in class on 5/1. I can reserve the laptops and you can bring your unit on a flash drive or e-mail it to yourself.

Week 16: May 1
Final Review