Evaluation of Learning


ECI 465/565


Fall 2008: Welcome

ECI 465/565 Enduring Understandings:
I want my students to know that:
1. Students need to play a role in their own assessment.
2. Students need to witness progress to be motivated.
3. There are multiple ways to collect evidence of learning.
4. Progress can be measured in many ways.
5. Assessment does not have to hurt.

ECI 465 Syllabus, New and improved Assignment Sheet
ECI 565 Syllabus, New and improved Assignment Sheet

Revised 3:30 p.m.12/1

Week 14
Tuesday November 25
Parts VI and VII are Due. You may e mail them to me.
This is an optional class day. I will not take roll. I will be in class for those who want to work on the final or have questions.

Thursday November 27

Week 15
Tuesday, December 2
Movie Presentation part 1
1. Music Department: Mr. Holland's Opus
2. History Department: We Were Soldiers
3. History Department: 13 Days
4. Art Department: Mona Lisa Smile

Thursday, December 4
Movie Presentation Part 1
Science Department: Gattica
English Department: 10 Things I Hate
Physical Education Department: Super Size Me

English Department: Finding Forrester

Last day to turn in back work or resubmit work.

Listed below are weeks all ready completed:____________

Week 1
Tuesday, August 26 room 174
Go over Syllabus
Read Stiggins: Chapter 1

Thursday, August 28 Cline Library Media Center
Watch Alfie Kohn Lecture
Film Guide
Insight 1 Rubric

Week 2
Tuesday, September 2
Bring Insight # 1 to class for discussion.
Thursday, September 4
Collateral Damage 1, 2, 3
Reader's Guide for Collateral Damage
Posner "Teaching to the Test"

Insight 2 Rubric

Week 3
Tuesday, September 9
Charlene Gile Leads discussion on:
Bratlinger: Who Benefits
Insight #3 Please answer these questions for discussion on Tuesday September 9.
1. Why should you be concerned in your classroom (content area) about domination through 'othering'?

2.What are some ways you will motivate ALL of your students in your classroom?

3. What does hegemony mean to you from the perspective your content area?

4. Based on Bratlinger's article what is the agenda of high stakes testing
5. What do you think Kohn means by respecting the "bottom line" p. 24?

Thursday, September 11
High Stakes Testing Debate

Week 4
Tuesday, September 16
Chapter 2: Stiggins “Why we Assess” Here is Chapter 2 electronically(Apologies for it being so strange. I don't know why it came in eight parts. Hopefully most of you have the book by now.) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

Kozol: High Stakes Testing Justin Schmittendorf leads the discussion
No Insight is due.Here are some questions to help prepare for the discussion:
What changes would you make in the current usage of high stakes testing?
How might standardized tests be used FOR learning as Stiggins describes assessment for learning.

What are some examples from Kozol that illustrate assessments that are not FOR learning?

Thursday, September 18
Debbie Hammer leads discussion:
Chapter 3a , 3b Stiggins "Defining Achievement Standards"
Poetter: Zoo Trip article
Blooms Taxonomy and Objectives
Insight #4
For Thursday's Class: Check the weather report for the day and write it down on a list including five items you would bring on an outdoor field trip.

Week 5

Tuesday, September 23
Chapter 4 Stiggins "Desgining Methods"
Decide on Course and Unit you will teach

Bring your content Arizona State Standards

Thursday, September 25
We will work on the paragraph for describing your unit.

Week 6
Tuesday, October 1
Elaine Watkins, Humanities (history and English) teacher,from Sedona Red Rock High School will speak on Authentic Assessment. She will present several creative ways to assess your students. Please take notes and be prepared to discuss the ideas.

Thursday, October 2

Unit Description is due worth 20 points
Discuss Ms. Watkins creative assessments
Discuss Midterm

Refine GO's, SLO's, enduring understandings, state standards

Week 7
Tuesday, October 7
Discuss Pre Assessments
Part II is due: Provide General Outcomes (GO's) in all three domains with more than 3 and less than 10 correlating Specific Learning Objectives (SLO's). List appropriate Arizona State Standards for your unit. List 2 - 3 enduring understandings for your unit. (30 points)

Thursday, October 9
Part III is due: Describe at least 3 strategies to preassess student knolwedge,skills,and/or dispositions. We will discuss four types of assessment.Make decisions on which two each student will prepare. Participate in an example of personal communication assessment. Week 8
Tuesday October 14
Please read Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 from Stiggins

Bring to class the assessment you agreed to create. Be prepared to share your assessment(Selected Response or Essay) with your department and the class.
You will decide which assessment you will prepare for Thursday:

Performance Ch. 7
Personal Communication Ch. 8

Examples of each are listed below:
Performance Assessment
I will demonstrate a Performance Assessment on Tuesday 10/14
Personal Communication
Demonstrated on Thursday 10/9

Thursday October 16
Please Read Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 from Stiggins
Bring to class the assessment you agreed to create.Be prepared to share your assessment (Performance or Personal Communication) with your department and the class.
Go over Mid Term

Prepare for Teacher/Parent Conference
What kind of environment do we want to create?
Each Department will Create a Progress report for one student. The department will decide who will be the teacher and who will play the part of the student in the conference.
Week 9
Thursday October 23
Parent /Teacher Conference with guests from Sedona Red Rock High School
Week 10
Tuesday October 28
Read Chapter 9
Discuss Parent/Teacher/Student conferences
Discuss dispositions assessment

Thursday October 30
Read Chapter 12
Discuss Formative Assessments & Re-teaching
Mid Term Individual work Due

Week 11
Tuesday November 4
Fighting the Toxic Status Quo and "Elect to Learn"
Insight #5
Vivian Miller

Thursday November 6
Philosophy of Assessment Discussion
Article #1,Article #2, Article #3, Article #4, Article #5,
Article #6, Article #7, Article #8, Article #9

IV.Formative Assessments due
V. Re-teaching Strategies due
Final Assignment
Final Assignment Rubric
ECI 565 Annotated bibliography

Week 12
Tuesday November 11 NO CLASS

Thursday November 13
Philosophy of Assessment DUE
Discuss Task Stream procedure for signature assignment
Discuss Formal Asessments Part VI and Addresing Diversity and Bias Part VII

Explanation of all practice unit parts

Tuesday November 18
Lightfoot Article and New Teacher Book Chapter
Insight # 6 Due

Duane Edwards Leads Discussion

Thursday November 20
Work on Final Part I



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