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Instructional chemistry laboratories for the chemistry department are located in the New Lab Facility (building #17) except for CHM 130L and 230L that are located in the chemistry building (building #20). The chemistry stockroom is located in room 214 on the second floor and provides replacement glassware, equipment and supplies. Call Kurt Ristinen at 523-2561 or email at for information on available stock and billing. Instrumentation supporting instructional laboratories is located primarily in room 218 on the second floor of the New Lab Facility. For general information on the instructional laboratory program contact John Nauman at 523-7051 or email at

The general chemistry laboratories are all located in the south module on the second floor. CHM 151L labs meet in rooms 220 and 224. CHM 152L labs meet in room 228. CHM235L meets in room 209. These labs as well as CHM238L, 320L, 360L, 425L, 442L, 450L, and 460L are served by the Lab Prep Stockroom, room 216. Go to this stockroom if you need a new unknown, need to replace glassware or equipment, or need to borrow goggles. If you have questions regarding the general chemistry laboratories try calling 523-7059. There are computers in rooms 221 and 207 for calculation checks, web based pre-labs and post-lab, and other related tasks. Printing on computers in these labs as well as room 228 is billed through the campus ITS print billing system at a rate of 10 cents a page. Grades for CHM 151L, 152L, and 235L are posted on the web. You can view your grades by clicking on the "Check Your Grades" box above.

At the end of the semester you can fill out a lab evaluation for your lab course using the link above. The first 26 questions get student information and evaluate various aspects of your lab from the TA to availability of supplies. Questions 17-36 provide an opportunity to comment on the lab. Questions 37-46 should only be answered by students who used the loncapa pre and post lab system in their lab. Thanks so much for your input into this process. We value your feedback!