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Badging in Bb Learn


Badging is a way to award students for specific skills or competencies that might be smaller than a course-level achievement (passing the class), or that might span courses but represent less than the completion of a program or degree. Some people refer to these skills as "microcredentials." Students can earn badges and present them in a portfolio, using a service like Credly (NAU uses Credly's Acclaim tool) or Badgr that is sharable beyond the institution, to potential employers or other academic institutions. Badging may be particularly useful in competency based or personalized learning programs, as they give credit for achievements in a manner other than assigning a course grade. Follow this link to learn more about why you might want to implement badging in your course.

Basic Steps

  1. Turn on the Achievements tool in your course.
    • In the Course Management control panel in the left side menu, select Customization/Tool Availability.
    • Check the boxes next to the Achievements tool, and click Submit.
  2. Create an Achievement
  3. Define the Trigger
    • Set the rule(s) that will trigger the awarding of the achievement.
      • If you add additional rules, each much be completed for the achievement to be earned.
    • Any of the following (and more) can be set up as rules:
      • Completed attempt on test, survey, or assignment
      • Specific grade on test or assignment
      • Grade earned on discussion post, wiki, blog, or journal
      • Score entered on manually created Grade Center column
      • Course content document marked as reviewed
      • Becoming a member of a group

    edit criteria

    Four criteria (three grades and a mark as reviewed) are required to earn this badge.

  4. Set the Reward (certificate or badge)

  5. choose reward

    Certificate and badge icons

  6. Export
    • It costs $4 per badge issued to export to Credly, and NAU (ITS) is currently paying this cost.
    • External badging uses the Acclaim tool.