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LMS Roles

There are numerous roles in the LMS, each with different permissions. Roles are set in PeopleSoft (LOUIE), and synchronized with the LMS, so changes and additions need to be made by the departmental course scheduler. More information is available in the KnowledgeBase article.

  Create/Modify Course Content Grade Student Work/See Student Information Interact with Class Members Appropriate for Notes
Primary Instructor Faculty who will build and teach the course. There can be multiple Primary Instructors.
Secondary Instructor x Faculty who will teach but not modify the course. If Designer Access is added, they become a Primary Instructor.
Teaching Assistant x Assistant to Instructor. If Designer Access is added, they become a Primary Instructor.
Designer x x Course Content Builder, Instructional Designer. Designers and help desk staff have access to the "Login As" tool, so they can emulate other users.
Steward x Observer, Faculty Mentor, Department Chair. Can view student grades and activity, but should not make changes.
Student x x Enrolled Student.  
Student Auditor x x Peer mentors, supplemental instructors. Same privileges as regular student.