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Dr. Jon Reyhner 

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Jon Reyhner


JON REYHNER is Professor of Education in the Department of Educational Specialties at Northern Arizona University where he has also served as the Coordinator of the Bilingual Multicultural Education Program. Previously, Dr. Reyhner served as Associate Professor of Education at Montana State University-Billings, where he also coordinated an Indian Bilingual Teacher Training Program for a time. Before coming to Billings, he taught junior high school for four years in the Navajo Nation and was a school administrator for ten years in Indian schools in Arizona, Montana, and New Mexico. His long-term interest is improving the education of American Indian students. He served as a commissioned author for the U.S. Government's Indian Nations at Risk Task Force, co-authored the research review for the Government's American Indian/Alaska Native Research Group, and was a co-investigator for Arizona State University's Native Educators Research Project.

Reyhner has written extensively on American Indian education and Indigenous language revitalization. His edited books include Honoring Our Students, Honoring Our Teachers, Honoring Our Elders, Honoring Our Children, and Honoring Our Heritage, all published by Northern Arizona University and Teaching Indigenous Students: Honoring Place, Community, and Culture and Teaching American Indian Students published by the University of Oklahoma Press. His ohter co-authored, edited and co-edited books include Education and Language Restoration, American Indian Education: A History, Language and Literacy Teaching for Indigenous Education, Indigenous Language Revitalization: Encouragement, Guidance & Lessons Learned, Nurturing Native Languages, Indigenous Languages Across the Community, Learn in Beauty: Indigenous Education for a New Century, Revitalizing Indigenous Languages, Teaching Indigenous Languages, and Effective Language Education Practices. He has also written over 70 book chapters and articles. He was a facilitator at the First Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposium at Northern Arizona University in 1994 and co-chaired the Fourth and Eighth Annual Stabilizing Indigenous Languages Symposia at Northern Arizona University in 1997 and 2001. He currently is the coordinator for the Symposia Steering Committee.

Reyhner is on the editorial board of the Journal of American Indian Education. He has served on the Multicultural Advisory Board for McDougal Littell and as a reviewer for Equity & Excellence, Bilingual Research Journal, Choice, Language & Education, Anthropology & Education, Canadian Journal of Native Studies, Canadian Journal of Native Education, American Educational Research Journal, American Indian Quarterly, Teaching Education, Journal of Professional Studies, National Clearinghouse for Bilingual Education, Cambridge University Press, University of Oklahoma Press, University of Nebraska Press, Lawrence Erlbaum, and Longman. He has also given over 100 workshops, presentations, and speeches at regional, national, and international conferences.

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