Learn in Beauty  

Learn in Beauty

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Learn In Beauty
Indigenous Education for a New Century
edited by Jon Reyhner, Joseph Martin, Louise Lockard, W. Sakiestewa Gilbert

Papers Published In Honor Of Regents' Professor Dr. Gina Cantoni
Upon Her Retirement From Northern Arizona University
Copyright © 2000 by Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona


Publication Information

I. Language, Culture, and Teaching
1. Teaching Diné Language and Culture in Navajo Schools
Ann Batchelder
2. Language Revitalization in Navajo/English Dual Language Classrooms
Mary Ann Goodluck, Louise Lockard, Darlene Yazzie
3. A Report on the Leupp Navajo Immersion Project
Michael Fillerup
4. Community-based Native Teacher Education Programs
Connie Heimbecker, Sam Minner, Greg Prater
5. Measuring Bilingual Proficiency of Tarahumara Children
Carla Paciotto

II. Indigenous Perspectives
6. Post-colonial Recovering and Healing
Angelina Weenie
7. Observations on Response to Indigenous Cultural Perspectives in the Classroom
Stephen Greymorning
8. Visual Metaphor, Cultural Knowledge, and the New Rhetoric
Robert N. St. Clair

III. Issues Surrounding Indigenous Pedagogy
9. Western Influences on Indigenous Language Teaching
J. Dean Mellow
10. Teaching English to American Indians
Jon Reyhner
11. Charter Schools for American Indians
Brian Bielenberg


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