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Effective Language Education Practices

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Effective Language Education Practices
& Native Language Survival

edited by Jon Reyhner

Native American Language Issues
Choctaw, Oklahoma

Table of Contents


  1. Dick Littlebear: Effective Language Education Practices and Native Language Survival
  2. James Crawford: Language Freedom and Restriction: A Historical Approach to the Official Language Controversy
  3. Elizabeth Biscaye and Mary Pepper: The Dene Standardization Project
  4. John W. Friesen, Clarice Kootenay, and Duane Mark: The Stoney Indian Language Project
  5. William Leap: Written Ute English: Texture, Construction, and Point of View
  6. Sonia Manuel-Dupont: Narrative Literacy Patterns of Northern Ute Adolescent Students (Not Available Online)
  7. Jon Reyhner: A Description of the Rock Point Community School Bilingual Education Program
  8. Rangi Nicholson: Maori Total Immersion Courses for Adults in Aotearoa/New Zealand: A Personal Perspective
  9. Barbara J. Walker: A Reading Strategies Program for Native American Students
  10. Lois A. Hirst and Christy Slavik: Cooperative Approaches to Language Learning
  11. David M. Davison: An Ethnomathematics Approach to Teaching Language Minority Students
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Note: The paperback edition of this book is permanently out of print, however microfiche copies can be found in the Educational Document Reproduction Service (ERIC) collection in many university libraries--ERIC Document Reproduction Service No. ED 342 512.

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