Teaching Indigenous Languages

Teaching Indigenous Languages

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Indigenous Language Links (Updated January 5, 2021)

ACORN: [A][C]quisition [O]f [R]estored [N]ative [S]peech project. Information to develop langauge lessons
Administration for Native Americans: Native Languages
ANA Native Language Community Coordination Technical Assistance Center
Advocates for Indigenous California Language Survival
'Aha Punana Leo "The Hawaiian Language Shall Live"
Documentation of Endangered Languages VolkswagonStiftung
E-Meld Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Language Data
E-Meld School of Best Practices in Digital Language Documentation
Endangered Language Alliance New York based non-profit
Endangered Language Fund Gives small grants for EL work
Endangered Language Project Hans Rausing, SOAS at Univ. of London
Endangered Languages A project of the Alliance for Linguistic Diversity
First Peoples' Cultural Council Download language planning documents, Language Nest Handbook, etc.
First Voices Web-based tools and services designed to support language revitalization
Foundation for Endangered Languages Publishes a newsletter
Glottolog Comprehensive reference information for the world's languages, especially lesser known languages.
Heritage Languages In America Center for Applied Linguistics
Indigenous Language Institute Hosts language teaching workshops, etc.
Lakota Language Consortium
Language Conservancy
Language Documentation & Conservation Journal of the National Foreign Language Resource Center
Language Documentation and Description Open access on-line journal
Living Languages Supporting the sustainability of Indigenous languages
Living Tongues Institute for Endangered Languages Salem, Oregon
Maori Language Commission
National Coalition of Native American Language Schools and Programs
National Maori Language Institute Auckland, New Zealand.
Navajo Language Academy Offers Summer Linguistics Workshops
Our Mother Tongues Web site raising awareness of endangered languages
Piegan Institute Researching, Promoting and Preserving Native Languages
Revitalizing Indigenous Languages University of Warsaw Project
Society for the Study of the Indigenous Languages of the Americas Publishes a newsletter
Strengthening Indigenous Languages & Cultures Dr. S. Neyooxet Greymorning
Terralingua: Partnerships for Linguistic & Biological Diversity Publishes a newsletter
Tribalingual Provides on-line language platform to teach a few Indigenous languages
UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger
Where are your keys?" Techniques for accelerated learning, community building & language revitalization

Endangered Languages YourDictionary.com
Educational Resources for Endangered Languages Living Tongues
The Language Gulper Information about languages
Language Nest Handbook First Peoples' Cultural Council, 2014
Online Resources for Endangered Languages Hans Rausing Endangered Languages Project
Reviving Your Language Through Education 2015 Planning Workbook
Language Documentation, Revitalization and Reclamation: Supporting Young Learners and Their Communities
Language Revival: Securing the Future of Endangered Languages Free On-line Course from University of Adelaide
Selected Resources on Native American Language Renewal Jon Reyhner

Grant Writing for Indigenous Languages Ofelia Zepeda & Susan Penfield, University of Arizona

Aboriginal Language Revitalization Certificate Program University of Victoria
Aboriginal Programs, Lakehead University Thunder Bay, Ontario
American Indian Language Development Institute University of Arizona
Canadian Indigenous Languages and Literacy Development Institute CILLDI, University of Alberta
First Nations and Endangered Languages Program University of British Columbia

Ethnologue: Languages of the World
First Nation Languages: Why We Need Them Virginia Arthurson
Guidelines for Strengthening Indigenous Languages Alaska Federation of Natives etc.
A Guide to Language Policy and Planning for B.C. First Nations Communities 2013
Heritage Language Playschools for Indigenous Minorities SIL Book
"He said it all in Navajo!": Indigenous Language Immersion in Early Childhood Education 2010
Indigenous Language Immersion Schools for Strong Indigenous Identities Jon Reyhner, 2010
Integral Strategies for Language Revitalization Full Text 678 page pdf file
Our Land Our Languages 2012 Australian Government Report
Racing Against Extinction: Saving Native Languages by America Meredith
Skutnabb-Kangas's articles on the importance of indigenous languages
Software Tools For Indigenous Knowledge Management 2003
Teaching Indigenous Languages 1997 Book
Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights Barcelona 1996
Western Influences on Indigenous Language Teaching J.D. Mellow 2000
What Does It Mean To Lose a Language? T.L. McCarty & M.E. Romero, 2005, PDF File

Language Nest Linguist Jack Martin's Blogspot.

General Language Resources WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Indigenous Languages Includes History and Discussion of Native American Languages
Native Languages of the Americas Cherokee, Algonquian, Arapaho, etc.
Native Village Language Library
Native Web Native American Languages links
UNESCO Directory of Programs Supporting Linguistic Diversity 4/14/2011

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