Teaching Indigenous Languages  

Teaching Indigenous Languages

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Important Information


Some Basics of Indigenous Language Revitalization

Maintaining & Renewing Native Languages

Rationale & Needs for Keeping Languages Alive

Status of Indigenous Languages

Teaching Methods

Selected Resources

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American Indian and Indigenous Languages News:
Newspaper & Journal Articles & Related Materials

Securing the Future of Our Languages: Investing in New Indigenous Language Speakers Cultural Survival Quarterly 12/2021

Cherokee Nation's Efforts in Language Preservation Honored by First Lady 12/13/21

Indigenous Language Revitalization: Innovation, Reflection and Future Directions 2021 WINHEC Journal

Rapid Word Collection Haislakala Video: First Nations Education Foundation

'Race against the clock': the school fighting to save the Ojibwe language before its elders pass away The Guardian April 7, 2021

Walking in Both Worlds: Native American Students and Language Acquisition Video June 6, 2020

Reflections on SILS 25 at the Univ. of Lethbridge from Foundation for Endangered Languages Canada Newsletter Fall 2018

Speaking the Language of Hope Lethbridge Herald article on 25th SILS

Diné Language Valued by [Navajo Nation President] Russell Begaye, April 18, 2018

Maori language revival plans failing Paul Moon 1/16/18

Can the Internet Revitalize Local Languages? Stanford Innovation Review 1/12/18

Cultural Survival Quarterly issue on Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, Sept. 2017

Carrying On His Great Grandfather's Work, A Kansas Professor Helps Keep Their Language Alive 10/13/2017

Bringing Native Languages Back From The Vanishing Point 10/12/2017

Anishinaabe language keeper continues to inspire 10/12/2017

Revitalization of Indigenous Languages: Designing and Facilitating Immersion Programs Special 2017 issue of Cogent Education

Restoring indigenous languages key to preventing youth suicides, Trudeau [Prime Minister of Canada] says June 3, 2016

Young Navajos Study to Save Their Language Voice of America, 10/10/15

International Expert Group Meeting on Indigenous Languages 1/16

So That Any Child May Succeed--Indigenous Pathways Toward Justice and the Promise of Brown Terri McCarty's 2015 Brown Lecture

Rising Voices Trailer Clips from film on Lakota language revitalization

Benefits of Indigenous Language Learning NILI University of Oregon 10/14

Indigenous Educators Learn from Hawaiian Language Renewal 1/21/2014

Teaching the Lakota Language 12/1/2013

Hopi Teens Worry About Loss of Culture National Public Radio 12/29/2009

Endangered Languages, Endangered Thought UNESCO Courier, 2009, #2

Back from the (Nearly) Dead: Reviving Indigenous Languages Bruce E. Johansen, AIQ 2004

UN's Mother Language Day Focuses On Conserving World's Linguistic Heritage

Special Issue of Language Learning & Technology on Technology and Indigenous Languages May, 2002

Tribal immersion schools rescue language and culture Christian Science Monitor 6/11/02

Keeping Cultures & Communities Strong on Hopi 11/29/00 Article

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