Teaching Indigenous Languages  

Teaching Indigenous Languages

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edited by Jon Reyhner
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Table of Contents

Publication Information

Tribal and School Roles

1. Keeping Minority Languages Alive: The School's Responsibility by Gina P. Cantoni
2. A Tribal Approach to Language and Literacy Development in a Trilingual Settings by Octaviana V. Trujillo

Teaching Students
3. Going Beyond Words: The Arapaho Immersion Program by Steve Greymorning
4. Teaching Children to "Unlearn" the Sounds of English by Veronica Carpenter
5. Learning Ancestral Languages by Telephone by Alice Taff
6. Coyote as Reading Teacher: Oral Tradition in the Classroom by Armando Heredia & Norbert Francis
7. Revernacularizing Classical Náhuatl Through Danza (Dance) Azteca-Chichimeca by Tezozomoc, Danza Azteca Huehueteotl, & Danza Azteca Tenochtitlan
8. The KinderApache Song and Dance Project by M. Trevor Shanklin, Carla Paciotto, & Greg Prater

Teacher Education
9. School-Community-University Collaborations: The American Indian Language Development Institute by Teresa L. McCarty, Akira Y. Yamamoto, Lucille J. Watahomigie, & Ofelia Zepeda
10. Language Preservation and Human Resources Development by Joyce A. Silverthorne

Curriculum and Materials Development
11. Issues in Language Textbook Development: The Case of Western Apache by Willem J. de Reuse
12. White Mountain Apache Language: Issues in Language Shift, Textbook Development, and Native Speaker-University Collaboration by Bernadette Adley-SantaMaria
13. Science Explorers Translation Project by Dolores Jacobs
14. Incorporating Technology into a Hawaiian Language Curriculum by Makalapua Ka'awa & Emily Hawkins
15. It Really Works: Cultural Communication Proficiency by Ruth Bennett, Editor (pdf file)

Language Attitudes and Promotion
16. Marketing the Maori Language by Rangi Nicholson
17. Tuning in to Navajo: The Role of Radio in Native Language Maintenance by Leighton C. Peterson
18. The Wordpath Show by Alice Anderton
19. The Echota Cherokee Language: Current Use and Opinions about Revival by Stacye Hathorn
20. An Initial Exploration of the Navajo Nation's Language and Culture Initiative by Ann Batchelder & Sherry Markel

Summing Up
21. Four Successful Indigenous Language Programs by Dawn B. Stiles
22. Language of Work: The Critical Link Between Economic Change and Language Shift by Scott Palmer
23. The Invisible Doors Between Cultures by Robert N. St. Clair
24. Personal Thoughts on Indigenous Language Stabilization by Barbara Burnaby
25. Stabilizing What? An Ecological Approach to Language Renewal by Mark Fettes


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