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Margaret Cavendish Bibliography

Compiled by James Fitzmaurice
Northern Arizona University
The University of Sheffield 

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    Newly Listed Publications

    Lucy Worsley. Cavalier - A Tale of Chivalry, Passion, and Great Houses, London: Faber and Faber, 2007.

    Elizabeth H. Hageman and Katherine Conway, eds. Resurrecting Elizabeth I in Seventeenth-Century England, Associated Univ. Press, 2007. Contains an essay on MC (and Bacon) by Brandie Siegfried.  Other essays include on the publication of Elizabeth's writing by Steve May, one on Elizabeth Stuart (of Bohemia) as a new Elizabeth I by Georgianna Ziegler, and one on Elizabeth I in 17th century music by Leslie Dunn.

    Ben van Benden and Nora de Poorter, eds., Royalist Refugees: William and Margaret Cavendish in the Rubens House 1648 - 1660. Antwerp: Rubenshuis & Rubenianum, 2006, 263 pp. Large numbers of color illustrations including likenesses of Elizabeth and Jane Cavendish, and a collection of brief essays.

    Introduction, Ben van Benden
    From Gentleman to Prince [on William Cavendish], James Knowles
    "War is all the world about" [on the Civil Wars], James Knowles
    Horsemanship, Lucy Worsley, Urusla Hartings, Marika Keblusek
    City in Transition [on Antwerp after 1648], Ilja Van Damme
    Inhabitants of Antwerp, Ursula Harting
    "We've Lost, Should we lose too our harmless mirth?" [on the Antwerp entertainments], James Knowles
    William Cavendish as a Patron of Philosophers and Scientists, Timothy Raylor
    "Amorous Music." Lynn Hulse
    William Cavendish and the Fine Arts [Patronage before the Exlie], Karen Hearn
    Cavendish and Sculpture, Simon Stock
    "His Magnificent Buildings" [William's patronage of Architecture], Lucy Worsley
    Literary Patronage and Book Culture in the Antwerp Period, Marika Kebusek

    David Norbrook, "Women, the Republic of Letters, and the Public Sphere in the Mid-Seventeenth Century," Criticism, vol 46, 2006.

    Sopie Tomlinson, Women on Stage in Stuart Drama, Cambridge University Press (2005).

    Hero Chalmers, Julie Sanders and Sophie Tomlinson, Three Seventeenth-Century Plays on Women and Performance: John Fletcher's The Wild-Goose Chase, James Shirley's The Bird in a Cage and Margaret Cavendish's The Convent of Pleasure. Manchester University Press.

    Paul Salzman, Reading Early Modern Women's Writing, Oxford University Press, 2006.

    Katherine Romack and James Fitzmaurice, editors, Cavendish and Shakespeare: Interconnections, Aldershot: Ashgate Press, 2006. A collection of essays.


     Special Cavendish Issue of Early Modern Literary Sudies (EMLS).

    New and Forthcoming Publications

    Bowerbank, Sylvia.  Speaking for Nature: Women and Ecologies in Early Modern Engalnd, Johns Hoplins University Press, 2004.

    Chalmers, Hero.  Royalist Women Writers, 1650-1689 due out in the fall of 2004 from
    Oxford, Clarendon Press [Chapter 1 is exclusively on Cavendish and Chapter 3 deals with Cavendish
    and Philips. Chapters 2 and 4 are on Philips and Behn respectively].

    Clucas, Stephen, ed.  A Princely Brave Woman:  Essays on Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of
    , Ashgate Press, 2003.   Table of Contents

    Corporaal, Marguérite. "'Thy Speech Eloquent, Thy Wit Quick, Thy Expressions Easy': Rhetoric and Gender in Plays by Renaissance Women," Renaissance Forum: An Electronic Journal of Early Modern Literary and Historical Studies, Vol. 6, No. 2 (Winter, 2003 Winter), 45 paragraphs.

    Cottegnies, Line. "The Garden and the Tower: Pastoral Retreat and Configurations of the Self in the Auto/Biographical Works of Margaret Cavendish and Lucy Hutchinson," in  Mapping the Self: Space, Identity, Discourse in British Auto/Biography, eds., Frédéric Regard and Geoffrey Wall, Saint-Etienne, France: Université de Saint-Etienne, 2003, pp. 125-44.

    Cottegnies, Line and Nancy Weitz, eds. Authorial Conquests: Essays on Genre in
    the Writings of Margaret Cavendish
    , Fairleigh Dickenson University Press.  2003. Table of Contents

    Crawford, Julie. "Convents and Pleasures: Margaret Cavendish and the Drama of Property," Renaissance Drama, 32 (2003), pp. 177-223.

    ____________. "'Pleaders, Atturneys, Petitioners and the Like': Margaret Cavendish and the Dramatic Petition." pp. 241-60, in Pamela Allen Brown and Peter Parolin, eds., Women Players in England, 1500-1650: Beyond the All-Male Stage, Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2005.

    Fitzmaurice, James. “’Said the Duke’ and ‘She Answered’: Reporting Clauses and Revision in Two of Cavendish’s Romances,” for Methods in Historical Pragmatics, edited by Susan Fitzmaurice and Irma Taavitsainen. De Gruyter, expected publication, spring 2007

    ________________.. “‘The Lotterie’: A Transcription of a Manuscript Play Probably by Margaret Cavendish,” Huntington Library Quarterly, vol. 66 ( 2003), pp. 155 - 67.

    ________________. “’When an Old Ballad Is Plainly Sung’: Musical Lyrics in the Plays of Margaret and William Cavendish” in Gender and Oral Traditions in Early Modern Texts, eds. Mary Ellen Lamb and Karen Bamford. Volume accepted by Ashgate Press, forthcoming summer 2007.

    Goldbert, Jonathan. "Margaret Cavendish, Scribe." GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 10:3 (2004), pp. 433-52.

    Hammons, Pamela S. "The Gendered Imagination of Property in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Women's Verse." CLIO: A Journal of Literature, History, and the Philosophy of History, Vol. 34, No. 4 (2005 Summer), pp. 395-418.

    Hopkins, Lisa.  "Jane Austen and Bess of Hardwick," Notes and Queries, 249 (June, 2004), p. 134.
    Jankowski, Theodora A. "Good Enough to Eat: The Domestic Economy of Woman-Woman Eroticism in Margaret Cavendish and Andrew Marvell,"  eds. Corinne S. Abate and Elizabeth Mazzola, Privacy, Domesticity, and Women in Early Modern England, Aldershot, England: Ashgate, 2003, pp. 83-109.

    Maston, Jeffrey. "Material Cavendish: Paper, Performance, 'Sociable Virginity,'" MLQ: Modern Language Quarterly Vol., 65. No. 1 (2004) 49-68

    Micros, Marianne. "'A World of My Own': John Milton and Margaret Cavendish's Reflections of Paradise," Cithara: Essays in the Judaeo-Christian Tradition, Vol. 43, No. 1 (Nov 2003), pp. 3 - 24.

    Mosher, Joyce Delvin.  "Female Spectacle as Liberation in Margaret Cavendish's Plays," Early Modern English Studies, 11.1 (May, 2005).

    Olbricht, Erika Mae. "Using Sex: Margaret Cavendish's The Lady Contemplation and the Authorial Fantasy of Class Permanence." Pacific Coast Philology, vol. 38 (2003), pp. 77 - 98.

    Poole, William. "Francis Godwin, Henry Neville, Margaret Cavendish, H. G. Wells: Some Utopian Debts," ANQ: A Quarterly Journal of Short Articles, Notes, and Reviews, 16:3 (2003 Summer), pp. 12-18.

    Rees, Emma, Margaret Cavendish: Gender, Genre, Exile, Manchester University Press, 2003.

    Reeves, Margaret. "Writing 'for Profitable Use': Satiric Political Discourse in Women Prose Fiction, 1628-1688." Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 65, No. 5 (2004 Nov), 1797.

    Sadun, Hande. "Where Science Meets with Fancy: The Atomic Poems of Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle." Edebiyat Fakültesi Dergisi/Journal of the Faculty of Letters, Vol 22, No. 2 (2005 Dec), pp. 187-202.

    Saito, Miwa. "Harukanaru togenkyo." Eigo Seinen/Rising Generation, Vol. 149, No. 10 (Jan, 2004), p. 618. [Compares the Isle of Pines to the Blazing World, article language Japanese.]

    Schwarz, Kathryn. "Chastity, Militant and Married: Cavendish's Romance, Milton's Masque," PMLA, vol. 118, (March, 2003), pp. 270 - 285.

    Silvani, Giovanna. "La necessità di dire io: Le lettere e l'autobiografia di Margaret Cavendish." Torre di Babele: Rivista di Letteratura e Linguistica, Vol. 2 (2004), pp. 13-27.

    Spiller, Elizabeth, Science, Reading, and Renaissance Literature: The Art of Making Knowwledge 1580-1670,
    Cambridge University Press, forthcoming July 2004 [contains a chapter on Cavendish in the context of early modern science and the history of reading practices].

    Starr, G. Gabrielle. "Cavendish, Aesthetics, and the Anti-Platonic Line." Eighteenth-Century Studies, Vol. 39, No. 3 (2006 Spring), pp. 295-308.

    Sutherland, Christine. "Margaret Cavendish as Rhetorical Theorist," British Rhetoricians and Logicians, 1500-1660, ed. Edward Malone, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Vol. 28, Columbia SC: Clark Layman Inc., 2003 pp. 36 - 47.

    Totaro, Rebecca, Suffering in Paradise: The Bubonic Plague in English Literature from More to Milton, Duquesene University Press, April, 2005 [three chapters devoted to Cavendish: one on Cavendish only and one each pairing her with Bacon and Milton].

    Wagner, Geraldine. "Romancing Multiplicity: Female Subjectivity and the Body Divisible in Margaret Cavendish's Blazing World," Early Modern Literary Studies: A Journal of Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century English Literature, Vol.  9, No. 1 (2003 May), 59 paragraphs.

    Wells, Christina M. "'Your Garbe Makes Me I Knowe You Not': The Cavendish Family and the Literary Transformation of Marriage Practices." Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol. 65. No. 7.

    Wilcox, Helen. "Margaret Cavendish and the Landscapes of a Woman's Life," in  Mapping the Self: Space, Identity, Discourse in British Auto/Biography, eds., Frédéric Regard and Geoffrey Wall, Saint-Etienne, France: Université de Saint-Etienne, 2003, pp. 73 - 88.

    Wilson, Miranda. "Building a Perfect Silence: The Use of Renaissance Architecture in Margaret Cavendish's Bell in Campo." 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era, Vol. 10 (2004), pp. 245-64.

    Worsley, Lucy. ‘Building a Family: William Cavendish, First Duke of Newcastle, and the Construction of Bolsover and Nottingham Castles’, The Seventeenth Century 19.2 (autumn 2004), pp. 233-59.

    ___________.  Cavalier: the Biography of a Seventeenth-century Household, forthcoming spring of 2006.  On William Cavendish and his family.

    ____________.  "Changing Notions of Authenticity: Presenting a Castle Over Four Centuries," International Journal of Heritage Studies, vol. 10, No. 2 (May 2004), pp. 129 - 149.

    ____________.  "'An habitation not so magnificent as useful': Life at Welbeck Abbey in the 17th century," The Transactions of the Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire, vol. 108 (2003), pp.  123 - 143.

    Wu, Hui. "The Paradigm of Margaret Cavendish: Reading Women's Alternative Rhetorics in a Global Context." pp. 171-85. In Jacqueline Jones Royster and Ann Marie Mann Simpkins, Ann Marie Mann,Calling Cards: Theory and Practice in the Study of Race, Gender, and Culture. Albany, NY: State U of New York P, 2005.

    New Editions

    Margaret Cavendish: Political Writings, ed., Susan James, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2003.

    Sociable Letters, ed., James Fitzmaurice, Broadview Press, 2004.

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