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ATMI: Atlanta, October 25 and 26 (Presentation, Panel, Handouts)

Presentation: Integrating Text, Music Graphics and Midi in Web Pages
Panel: Music Instruction Systems in Year 2006; Getting There


Music Composition and Theory Sites in Arizona

Tim Smith's Home Page; emphasis on analysis and the music of J. S. Bach,
home of the Goldberg Variations

Solomon's Music Theory & Composition Resources

Ken Rumery's Home Page;composition resources
home of Composer's Tools
My Philosophy
    Introduction To Musical Design (Brown and Benchmark)
Corrections to Volume 2
Sample Course Plan: Chromaticism
Sample Course Plan: Twentieth Century


For NAU Students

Getting an e-mail account on-line
The LOUIE Information System
Bachelor of Arts in Music
Writing Style Review (use the browser's "back" button to return here)



College Music Society
Music Library Association (MLA) Clearing House
Music Library Association (MLA) Home
Music Publishers Association (MPA)



New Composers at Classical Music Connection
Twentieth Century Composers
Swayland's James Horner Page
Soundtrack (film music)
The Scriabin Quicktime 2.0 MIDI page


Electronic Music

Sound Computation
The Fractal Music Project
YAV's Music Links



Leanne Rumery
NAU-CCA Faculty Homepages
Todd Frazier's Site
Tobias Kreidl
Randy Wood



The Bare Bones Guide to HTML
Matt Wright's Perl Scripts
Tips and Tricks (a comprehensive how-to site on html)
WebTech Validation Service
WWW Help Page



A Select List of Only the Very Best Midi Pages One of Charles Kelley's invaluable references to midi.
Crescendo (a MIDI plugin for Mac and/or Windows)
Classical MIDI Archives
Classical Midi Connection (CMC) Les Winters' extensive collection of mostly sequenced midi files.
Includes many useful links to various midi subjects. See Midiworld
Classical Midi Resources (CMR) Ron Lubetsky's extensive collection of mostly sequenced
midi files. Includes many useful links to various midi subjects. Spotlights
on concert artists who have contributed sequences to the collection.
Mac-Supporters Music and MIDI
The Macintosh MIDI User's Internet Guide
Midiworld Les Winters' on-line reference to all things midi.
Music Cognition Research
QuickTime and Midi



Kurzweil Music
(see also Midiworld)


On-line Courses

Internet Models for Artistic Expression
James J. O'Donnell Home Page
ME/U (Mind Extension University)
Music Bibliography, John Deal, FSU



Charles Kelley's Home Page
Chris Reed's Site, film music and film music composers.
Dilbert Zone, corporate comic relief
Electronic Musician Magazine
Guitar and Lute, rich resource for guitar, lute and Celtic music enthusiasts
Keyboard Magazine
NAU Jan Users Home Pages
Library of Congress
ORAT Web Developers Guide
PowerBook Army
Second Nature Home Page
The NAU Ponderosa Project
Texas Institute of Theory, scholarly comic relief.
Todd's Macintosh Support Pages An annotated shareware source. The best!
USGS Flagstaff Center Home Page
(see also Midiworld)


Schools and Centers

Bangor Music Department
FSU Center for Music Research
Illinois State College of Fine Arts Home Page (ORAT)
Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction


Scoring Software

Coda Music Technology
Mark of the Unicorn, Inc.
Musicware, Inc. (formerly TAP)
Opcode Systems
Passport Home Page


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