Northern Arizona University
School of Performing Arts
Fall 1997 Student Composition Virtual Recital


Alison Brightwell [BIO]
Duo for Marimba and Vibraphone 3:27
Carla Clark [BIO]
String Quartet 4:22
Martha Gushee [BIO] (text and music)
Our Father (voice and guitar) 3:34
Feet of Jesus (voice and guitar) 3:30
Mary's Song (voice and guitar) 3:15
A Race To Be Won (voice and guitar) 2:09
Christian Hill [BIO]
Mime in the Park (woodwind quintet) 3:23
Davis Jones [BIO] (text and music)
Forever (voice and guitar) 3:20
Loneliness (voice and guitar) 5:40
Todd Kenyon [BIO]
In Folk Style (guitar) 3:30
In Spanish Style (guitar) 2:52
Opus (guitar) 2:30
Music for Piano 3:00
Dominic Lali [BIO]
Green (Jazz Quartet) ca 4:00
Gary Alan Miller [BIO]
If Our Prayers Were Music (text and music, SATB) 4:51 [TEXT]

Holocaust Triptych (SATB) [Historical Background]
Text by Michael Austin Perry, senior BAiLS major and editor of the NAU Lumberjack
    I. Krystalnacht 5:11 [TEXT]
    II. Residence in the pit of Sheol ca 3:20 [TEXT]
    III. Land of Light 4:03 [TEXT]
Brian O'Neill [BIO]
Sequences for Animation
    animation 2 1:26
    animation 4 2:03
    animation 8 2:20
    percens 2 :59

Papillon (sequence for a web-based Grand Canyon slide show) 1:07
Greg Turner [BIO] (text and music, voice and small group)
A Chance ca 3:30
Unwanted ca 3:30
Post IV ca 3:30