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HA405 : The Class : Personal Management : Essential Skills : Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Synthesis Question, P1, S2, T2

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PHASE I, STEP # 2, TOPIC 2 -Essential Personal & Team Skills

This synthesis question asks you to comment on the various essential personal development attributes and skills of a successful salesperson . Additionally, given the fact that most consultative salespeople are dependent on working in"teams" you are asked to comment on teamwork and the relationship between personal skill development and the success of a team's performance.

1. 1. Personal Management (text, Chapter 3) is a four-dimensional process. Describe the essential components of each of the following (Note: that full credit for this answer requires more than the introduction summary on page 49)

a. Time Management.
b. Territory Management.
c. Records Management.
d. Stress Management


2. Personal Development (Online Activity) discusses: The Five Essential Skills of Sales and Selling. In your own words (no cut & pasting allowed) briefly summarize personal development needs in the following areas:

a. Personal development
b. Personal and professional organization
c. Communication and persuasion
d. Relationship building
e. Knowledge of your selling situation (products, problems, people, and processes).


3. Fully explain what is meant by "leading a team as a group as opposed to leading individuals within a group." (See Web Activity 3 for guidance).

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