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Synthesis Question, P1, S2, T4 (15 Pts)

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PHASE I, STEP # 2, TOPIC 4 -Audit of Personal Communication Styles

This synthesis question asks you to comment on Communication Styles. It is well understood in selling or any other influencing for that matter, that the seller (person that wants to do the "influencing") must clearly understand the BUYER'S communication style and adjust their own style accordingly. This does not mean becoming a complete chameleon; radical changes of one's primary communication style is impossible. Adapting to the customer's style is simply a way to assist the buyer in "hearing" the seller's message. They won't pay attention to the message if the styles are incompatible. The following information can be found in your course packet and web activities.

1. Fully explain "Communication-Style Bias." How does it influence the relationship process between seller and buyer?

2. Name and briefly describe the four major communication styles in the "model" found in your course packet.

3. a. Compare and contrast the "model" given in your course packet with the "model" you studied in your "web activities."

b. How does what you learned about yourself in the various "self-tests" on the several web activities relate to your or other's communication styles?

4. Explain the benefits derived from an understanding of communication styles.

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