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HA405 : The Class : Presentation : Commitment : Synthesis Question

Synthesis Question P3, S5, T4

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Phase 3, Step 5, Topic 4: Obtaining Buyer Commitment

In the last topic, you learned: (a) What is the nature of "negotiating" and isn't this something that you are already familiar with and (b) some practical tips on improving your communication skills to facilitate "win/win" negotiations.

Negotiation skills are necessary to handle buyer resistance no matter where it is encountered during the selling presentation. In the last topic, you learned about the first form of negotiating with the customer. Customers often resist your presentation during the middle of the presentation.

This synthesis question asks you to comment on a second form of negotiating with the customer. This is negotiating at the end or "close" of your sales presentation.

The following short questions come directly from your text reading.

1. List some aspects of the sales presentation that can make "CLOSING" AND CONFIRMING the sale difficult to achieve.

2. What guidelines should a salesperson follow for "closing" the sale?

3. Regarding verbal and non-verbal "buying" clues or signals:

a. Why is it important to look at closing from the customer's point of view?
b. What three verbal clues can the customer use to indicated that it is time to
close the sale?
c. What non-verbal clues that indicate it is time to close should the
salesperson be alert to?

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