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HA405 : The Class : Presentation : Need Discovery : Synthesis Question

Synthesis Question, P3, S5, T1

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PHASE 3, STEP # 5, TOPIC 1 - Pre-Approach Planning & Customer Need Discovery

This synthesis question asks you to comment on two major areas: (a) Planning for the face-to-face "presentation" to the customer and (b) why discovering the customer's needs is the key to a successful sale.

You need to know about the steps of the selling process. This is necessary so that you have a guide or map to the order of presenting your product solution to the customer's needs.

Since consultative selling will only be successful if you accurately match the correct product/service benefits with the most important customer needs, then you need to have a very clear picture of what those customer needs are. As a metaphor, the salesperson is a doctor. The doctor (salesperson) first clearly understands the patients illness (needs) and then prescribes the correct medicine (product/service benefits).

Successful consultative salespeople FULLY PREPARE A PRESENTATION PLAN BEFORE they visit with a prospective customer.

1. From your reading- TEXT ONLINE:

a. Name and fully describe the 6 part "Presentation" process (Located midway in online text article). NOTE: This "process" is something different than the 4-Step Selling "Cycle:" (1. Establish Relationships/Prospecting, 2. Need Discovery, 3. Presentation, 4. After-Sale Service

b. Regarding the "need discovery" part of this process:

(1) Why is a focus on "need discovery" imperative for successful consultative selling?
(2) Name and briefly describe the three (3) dimensions of "need discovery." .

2. The following question comes from one source: The Web Activity 1 article on
Improving Listening Skills:

a. Name and briefly describe the primary areas where you can improve your listening skills.
b. How do improved listening and questioning skills help you (salesperson) to better understand the customer's needs?

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