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HA400 : The Class : Presentation : Resistence : Synthesis Question

Phase 3, Step 5, Topic 3- Negotiating Buyer Resistance- "Synthesis" Question

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This synthesis question asks you to comment on two major areas: (a) What is the nature of "negotiating" and isn't this something that you are already familiar with and (b) some practical tips on improving your communication skills to facilitate "win/win" negotiations.

In the last topic, you learned about the basic steps of a "face-to-face" selling presentation. These are the mechanical steps. You met no buyer resistance in your role-play. However, buyers almost always resist or to better say it, "want clarification as to how your product/service can solve their problems (satisfy their needs). So, see buyer resistance as the buyer showing INTEREST. If they had no interest and didn't want more information, they would simply say NO. Welcome buyer resistance as showing a desire to obtain more information from you.

1. From the Online Lesson -- "Negotiating, You've Done it Before": What does "negotiating" mean?

  1. Define "negotiating."
  2. How are negotiation and long-term relationships related?
  3. Do varying customer and seller personalities affect negotiations? How?

2. The following question comes from the TEXT READING:

a. Name and FULLY describe the FIVE common types of Buyer Resistance.

b. While the terms "buyer resistance" and "objections" are older selling language that sound adversarial (win/lose), in your opinion and from your reading:

(1) Why would it be considered an OPPORTUNITY for the salesperson when a potential buyer "resists" or "questions" his or her product/service solution to satisfy the customer's need?

(2) How does satisfactorily answering or negotiating the buyer's resistance create a "win/win" situation?


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