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CEE 101
Curriculum and Course Planning for Adjunct Teaching

This course is designed as an orientation for post secondary instructors to be effective with today's adult learners. Good practice communicates high expectations. This course will help refine your teaching tools. You will carefully design your courses and instructional techniques so that your students, all of your students, have opportunities to learn. CEE 101 is one of a series of courses within the Center For Excellence program for Adjunct Instructional Training. Technology is allowing Northern Arizona University to extend some of the resources that once were traditionally campus based to instructors out in the field, around the state.

Some of the course content will be a review but there will be new and helpful content that you will be able to use, no matter what subject area you are teaching now or in the coming semesters. The discussion forum is an important component of this learning experience. Each participant brings a wealth of teaching and learning knowledge to this course. This virtual, asynchronous seminar gives us an opportunity to share our experiences and learn from one another. You are required to participate in this discussion each week.

The course is made up of 5 modules with a 5 week time frame. Each module's assignments are due by the end of that week. Please work through the modules in order as they have been designed to integrate with CEE 100 Beyond Word Processing and with the discussions in the Virtual Conference online discussion forum. Grading for this course is Pass/Fail and all assignments must be completed. Click here to see a listing of all assignments

The Class

5 Module Topics:

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1)Preparing for Instruction (week 1)

2)Lesson Planning (week 2)

3)Methods and Resources (week 3)

4)Getting the Class Started (week 4)

5)Evaluation and Assessment of Learning (week 5)


Course Evaluation

There are weekly reading assignments, web assignments, writing assignments, and participation in the on line seminar discussions. It is all asynchronous, to fit with your schedule. When you have finished this course module you will have written a course syllabus, set up an evaluation plan, gathered instructor resource information and links, and have gained knowledge about your students and the expectations of the university.

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