Planning for Instruction - Designing the Syllabus

Week 1

Module Outline:

1) Content matters

"The primary goal of teaching is thinking....the material of thinking is not thoughts, but actions, facts, events, and the relations of things" (Dewey 1916, p. 152)

2) Instructional Objectives

3) Student needs

Content page with links to 3 other articles and a writing assignment. Read carefully.

4)Core elements in a syllabus

Model syllabus example. Be especially careful to include the due dates of assignments on all your syllabi as well as how you will grade assignments and your grading plan for the course grade. These are issues that commonly result in grade change petitions.

5) Instructional Checklist - items you will want to make sure you have either done or know about before class starts.



1) Writing assignment - item 3 Student Needs for details-post response to list serve (see CEE 100, Module 1) Student Needs.

2)Write your course syllabus using the core elements. Using Web Mail (CEE 100, Module 1) attach your syllabus and send to both instructors.

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