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Research into historical fencing should start with an overview of the masters that taught fencing during your period of study and also a look at the weapons that were employed. This Page will contain information on these topics and others of research interest.

The Period Masters

Fencing schools abounded during the late 16th and early 17th Centuries. Luckily we have historical texts and existing copies of period manuals that lend some information on the philosophy and practice of fence by the masters of these schools at this period of time. New manuscripts keep coming to light from the 16th and 17th Centuries that detail some of the practices & schools of the masters. One such is Sloane MS. 2530. This manuscript details the London Masters of Defense.

A number of people are now studying not only period fencing techniques but also the blades themselves. I have begun a study of period blades and as I obtain information on period pieces I will endeavor to place the information on a blades page. If you have any information you would like to contribute in this area, please contact me.

Period Terms

Many of the schools from the 16th Century looked to the Italians for the practice and philosophy (terms) used in fence. The English were especially interested by Italian practices as well as clothing styles.