iTunes and iPod

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1877: Edison invents phonograph, records sound on wax cylinders.

1901: Victor Talking Machine Company introduces the Victrola.

1906: Reginald Fessendon invents the continuous wave voice transmitter or radio

1912: Regular broadcasting begins in San Jose, California

1920's: The boom of radio stations nationwide

1930: Motor Vehicle Victrola or Motorola begins options of installing car radios for prices of $110 to $130

1940s: Radio entertainment boom with dramas, news, talk, and music shows

1950s: Portable radios, transistor, and "pocket radios" hit the market

1960s: 8-Track introduced

1979: Sony introduces the "Walkman"

1980s: Audiocassette tapes become mainstream medium, which allows recording and "mixing" of different artists, songs, etc. from radio and other mediums

1982: Sony introduces the "compact disc" (CD)

1984: Sony introduces the "Discman"

Late 1990s: Physical piracy of music CDs takes off as "CD-burners" reach the masses

1999: MP3 players and Napster arrive and Internet song "sharing" takes off

2001: iTunes debut as Mac "jukebox" software | iTunes

2001: iPod introduced to mixed reviews | iPod | Detailed iPod Timeline

2003: iTunes Music Store, 1 million songs sold in first week

2003: iTunes for Windows introduced

2004: Microsoft launches "Plays for Sure" campaign

2005: Technology advances...flash based iPod Shuffle, iPod Photo and later iPod Video

2006: 1 Billion Songs Sold: sales graph

2007: 3 Billion Songs Sold

2007: Microsoft introduces Zune and breaks from "Plays for Sure" alliance.

2007: Apple introduces iPhone

2010: Apple introduces iPad


1. Rip, Mix, Burn
Ripping a CD means to copy the songs from the CD to your computer. Mixing means to create a playlist with songs from several source CDs. Burning means to create a new CD with this playlist of songs.

2. iTunes Music Store

We will browse the iTunes Music Store and download a free podcast to the computer.

3. iTunes to iPod

We will move a song or podcast from iTunes (on the computer) to the iPod.


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