Mountain Toes Farm is located about 13 miles outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. It is a place of beauty throughout the seasons. I'm Sherry Markel and I live here with my husband Robin. The elevation of over 7,000 ft. makes a four season climate that is very different from the deserts in Arizona. We have one of the shortest growing seasons in the country.

On June 20, 2010, Father's Day, the Schultz Fire took us all by surprise. By the time it was done it had burnt up more than 15,000 acres. We had a front row seat as the San Francisco Peaks are about 5-6 blocks from my front door. The photos presently on the site were taken across the 15 years we have lived here at Mountain Toes. July 20, exactly one month from the beginning of the fire, the monsoon rains started up and we had our first flood. It looks very different now up on the burnt mountains and here at their feet with flooding every time it rains. Once we can get the flood waters channeled there will be new landscaping. Meanwhile, the peaks are cleaning themselves and we have several feet of nutrient rich debris and mud. The llamas, ponies and donkey are now gone but we do have four dogs: two Schipperkes and two Shetland Sheepdogs.

This website is an introduction to our perspective of Flagstaff, our tiny farm and animals, and landscape/gardening. It includes some pages of pictures of our animals and scenery.

Sherry with Ronnie Robin & Golliwog (Schipperke) Robin on Christmas Day '04
Emily - going to college and working - a busy girl. Asa & Hui Hung married May 30, 2009 June 20, 2010 Beginning of Schultz Fire

GunSmoke ready to pack

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Flood Sandbagging 2010

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Late summer flowers and pony cart rides.


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