John M. Neuberger

Associate Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences
Northern Arizona University

June 2012 Variational and Topological Methods Conference

    Fall 2012 Course Schedule:
  • MAT136 - Calculus I
  • MAT431, Advanced Calculus.

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Research Statement.

Some Current Research.

Bifurcation Diagraph
Decorated Cayley graph for Z5

Solution on the Dodecahedron
with Anomalous Invariant Symmetry
related to identification to the Petersen graph

A CCN solution on the Truncated Icosahedron,
a MI 2 minimal energy solution which
changes sign exactly once

Some Other Research.

Bif Diag, sym/asym sol:
u''+s*u +4(x-.5)^2u^3=0 on (0,1)

Triple Junction on Disk

6th eigenfunction
of the Laplacian on a Snowflake.
Bifurcation Diagram for Triple Well System
Equivalence Classes of Solutions
near primary bifurcation point
off of trivial (local max) branch for
Triple Well System

Neumann BC e-fncts on Disk
13+31 tertiary branch
non-odd 12+21 branch
possible G-L vortex?
Plotting $u:C\to C$ as vector field