Professional Development Seminar MAT/STA 587

- TOPIC: Intro to LyX
LyX is free software. It should be avilbale in our computer labs and on the cefns full remote desktop . You can also install it on your own machine.
- HW: produce the following quiz . Replace my name with yours. Keep all the features, including typefaces and placements. Turn in a pdf file. Sample lyx file (right click) to give you a starting point. Detexify might be useful to find latex macros.
- DUE: quiz
- TOPIC: Professional article writing
- HW: write an article about the quadratic formula. You need to have all the parts we discussed in class including sections, theorems, proofs, examples, figures, cross references, citations with bibtex, etc. Make sure you include everything listed here. Solving an equation usually takes two steps. First we show that the equation implies that a solution must be one of a few candidates. Then we check which of the solution candidates actually work. Please read the equations article about this. Please also read the writing style article and try to follow the recommendations.
- DUE: nothing
- TOPIC: Continue article writing
- TOPIC: Figures with Tikz
- TOPIC: Overleaf
- HW: Recreate the tikz figure about the derivative of the inverse. Use tikz to add your name to the figure at the top right corner.
Continue working on the quadratic article.
- DUE: tikz figure
- TOPIC: GeoGebra
- HW: Recreate the Geogebra figure with a different color scheme. Use Geogebra to add your name to the figure at the top right corner. Can you spot a theorem in the figure? (not the Pythagorean Theorem)
- DUE: geogebra figure
- TOPIC: Basic Web page design, HTML reference
- HW: Sign up for a free account on GitHub. Create a professional looking personal web page using GitHub Pages. Include at least one picture, some links, and some math. Upload the link to the site on Bblearn.
- DUE: web page
- TOPIC: Guest speaker: Natalie Coston (Senior Data Scientist, Lumen Technologies)
Please check the Zoom coordinates on Bblearn.
- DUE: quadratic article
- TOPIC: Beamer
- HW: Create a presentation about the Law of Sines. State and prove the full version of the theorem that includes the radius of the circle as discussed in class. State the theorem required for the proof. Include an example. Use GeoGebra to create the figures. Use the beamer lyx template, or the lyx template (also in pdf format) .
- DUE: presentation
- TOPIC: Guest speaker: Edgar Fisher (Austin Community College)
Please check the Zoom coordinates on Bblearn.
- HW: Create a Resume or Curriculum Vitae.
- DUE: CV or resume
- TOPIC: Guest speaker: Robert Buscaglia (NAU) Machine learning

- DUE: nothing
- TOPIC: Train a neural net with Keras on google Colab to predict movie reviews. I recommend the book "Deep Learning With Python" by Francois Chollet ifyou are interested in deep learning. You can find many online resources by searching for the words scikit-learn, Tensorflow, automatic differentiation, GPU, CUDA
- DUE: nothing
- TOPIC: Sage is essentially Python with mathematical extensions.
Sage wikipedia page
Sage tutorial
Another Sage tutorial
- HW: Create an account on CoCalc and work through the examples in this Sage worksheet. Submit a pdf of your work.
- DUE: Sage worksheet
- TOPIC: Guest speaker: Arthur DeGraw (Actuary, GPW and Associates)
Please check the Zoom coordinates on Bblearn.
- HW: Write a formal letter of application for the job description. Keep in mind the following: An application is automatically rejected if the minimum qualifications are not met. The screening committee assigns a numerical score for every preferred qualification using an evaluation grid . Addressing these points is crucially important.
- DUE: Letter of application
- TOPIC: Problem solving
- HW: Use LyX/LaTeX to write a professional sample solution to the following problem: "Solve the inequality \( | x + 1 | + | 2x - 3 | > 6 \) on the set of real numbers." Use Tikz/Geogebra when appropriate. Use 1-inch margins and 12 point font. Everything should read as a sentence. Equations written row-after-row are not appropriate without an explanation of their logical connection. Include the statement of the problem. This is an elementary problem. Avoid relying on analysis terms like increasing, continuous, Intermediate Value Theorem. This means you cannot use test points to justify that a function has a certain sign on a whole interval. You need to do case analysis and the definition of absolute value as a piecewised defined function. Use interval notation whenever it is appropriate.
- DUE: Professional sample solution
- TOPIC: Coding with Sage.
- HW: Look at the problems on the Project Euler web site. Write Sage code on your CoCalc account to solve Problems 1, 2, 5. Send me a pdf of your worksheet. Make sure your answers to the questions are clearly shown. You might want to create a Project Euler account to check if your solutions are correct.
- DUE: Project Euler problem solutions.
- TOPIC: Graphviz , Sketchviz , Dreampuf
- TOPIC: Publishing a research article
AMS web site, Mathscinet, Zentralblatt, Preprint server, Current index to statistics (we do not have access to it)