Honoring Our Elders  

Honoring Our Elders

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Honoring Our Elders

Culturally Appropriate Approaches for Teaching Indigenous Students
(Dedicated to the Memory of Darrell R. Kipp 1944-2013)

edited by Jon Reyhner, Joseph Martin, Louise Lockard & Willard Sakiestewa Gilbert
Copyright © 2015 by Northern Arizona University



1. Memoir and Insights of Darrell R. Kipp
   Darren Kipp, Jesse DesRosier and Mizuki Miyashita
2. The Need for Indian Education Reform
   Sandra J. Fox

Culture and Language

3. The Case for Culture and Language
   Stephanie Furuta, Larry Steeves, Sheila Carr-Stewart, and Taneisha Ingleton
4. Decolonizing Western Science, Research, and Education: Valuing Linguistic Diversity
   J. Dean Mellow
5. "Learning to Teach" in and for Indian Country: The Promise and Paradox of Preparing
   Culturally Responsive Teachers for Schools Serving Indigenous Students
   Angelina E. Castagno, Bryan McKinley Jones Brayboy, Deborah Chadwick, and Lindsey Cook
6. "We Want to Get Our Voice Heard": Native Perspectives of Native American History Instruction
   Cynthia Benally

Language Teaching and Revitalization

7. "Indigenizing the Teacher's Toolbox": Language Teaching Practices in a Shoshone Classroom
   Martina Volfová
8. Respecting Dialectal Variations in a Blackfeet Language Class
   Mizuki Miyashita and Annaelle Chatsis
9. Learning Language through Movement: An Introduction to TPR and the Gouin Method
   George Ann Gregory and Julie MacGahran
10. Students Attitudes Towards an Advanced Level Maori Language Immersion Program
   Sophie Nock
11. The ZePA Model of Maori Language Revitalization: Key Considerations for Empowering
   Indigenous Language Educators, Students, and Communities
   Tangiwai Rewi and Poia Rewi
12. Case Study of a First Year Navajo Language Immersion Teacher
   Kathryn Manuelito
13. Menominee Language Revitalization: Recovering and Reclaiming Language through Indigenous Discourses
   Christine Lemley and John Teller

Other Topics

14. Factors Influencing Young American Indian/Alaska Native's Academic Achievement: A Preliminary Indigenous Sociological Analysis
   Angela A. A. Willeto
15. Warriors for Empowering Advocates through Valuing Education
   Joely Proudfit and Linda Sue Warner

The Contributors

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