Honoring Our Students  

Honoring Our Students

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Honoring Our Students

edited by Jon Reyhner, Joseph Martin, Louise Lockard & Willard Sakiestewa Gilbert
Copyright © 2020 by Northern Arizona University



Languages and Literacy

1. Honoring Indigenous Children's Ways of Knowing
   Melanie Brice

2. Begin with the Familiar: The Value of Family Literacy for American Indians
   Jon Reyhner and Jon Lee

3. "Think In Navajo": Reflections from the Field on Reversing Navajo Language Shift in Homes, Schools and Communities
   Vincent Werito

4. In Search of the Missing Navajo Pilot Program: Locating Opportunities and Spaces in Educational Policies for Teaching Native Languages
   Daniel Piper and Cynthia Benally

5. Teaching Chedungun in Chile's Alto Biobío Community: A Perspective from Pewenche Youth
   Elizabeth Quintrileo

Sovereignty, Tribal Identity and Self-Determination

6. Sovereignty in Action: Tribal Control of Education
   Melody McCoy

7. Transculturation Theory: A Framework for Understanding Tribal Identity and Academic Success
   Terry Huffman

8. A History of American Indian and Alaska Native Education: 1971-1979
   Thomas (Tom) R. Hopkins

9. Teacher Recruitment, Retention and Pedagogical Issues Confronting Indigenous Students and Communities in Northern Saskatchewan Schools
   Richard F. Manning, Larry Steeves, Pamela Osmond-Johnson, Stephanie Furuta and Sheila Carr Stewart

The Contributors

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