Teaching Indigenous Languages

Teaching Indigenous Languages

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Language Policy and Human Rights Links

Updated October 15, 2023
General Language Policy and English Only
Consortium for Language Policy and Planning Its listserve is an excellent source of language policy updates
Institute for Language and Education Policy Research-based Advocacy for Schools & Communities
Language Policies for Australian Languages
Language Policy Web Site James Crawford
Linguicism in America 2007 article
Resources for Language Policy and Planning Harold Schiffman's Links Page
U.S. English Organization promoting English as the Official Language of the USA

Proposition 203: Arizona's Unz Anti-Bilingual Education Intitative

Review of Amy J. Heineke's Restrictive Language Policy in Practice: English Learners in Arizona (2017)
Entering the List: Campaigning for Bilingual Education on the Net Article about the opposition to Prop. 203
English for the Children--Arizona Jon Reyhner in NABE News
Proposition 227: Ron Unz's California Anti-Bilingual Education Initiative
Bilingual Education Returns To California. Now What? 2016
Disaster at the Polls James Crawford 1999
Numbers Game: Challenging the Fallacies about Proposition 227 James Crawford
Language Policy Articles and Laws
American Indian Language Policy & School Success J. Reyhner, JEILMS Article, Summer 1993
The Comprehensive Federal Indian Education Policy Statement of 1998 NABE News Column
Indian Nations at Risk Task Force Supports Bilingual Education NABE News, 1992 Column
Native American Languages Act of 1990 pdf file

Human Rights
Aligning Language Education Policies to International Human Rights Standards. eJournal of Education Policy, Spring 2010
Human Rights and Language Policy in Education Tove Skutnabb-Kangas
United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

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