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Creative Advertising Strategies

Prof. Rich Lei

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Required Text
Course Content
Course Presentation
Tentative Course Schedule
Professor Rich Lei

Required Text :

    Strategic Advertising Campaigns 4th edition , by Schultz and Barnes

Course Content :

    Congratulations! You and I will be part of the brave new world of web-based instruction. This course has been developed in a series of modules which will help organize the semester and assist you through the learn ing process. Because this course will be largely self-directed, you will need to stay current with your readings and assignments in order to proceed from module to module. You will be assigned to a team and through e-mail and other electronic means, have the ability to communicate with your teammates in order to prepare a comprehensive advertising document.

    This course is designed to give students a basic understanding of the creative strategy development process and an appreciation for the critical rol e strategy plays in designing an advertising campaign.

    There are four course objectives :

    1. To understand the critical role creative strategy plays in the development of advertising.
    2. To become familiar with t he most widely accepted approaches in the development of strategy.
    3. To gain a working knowledge of the basic steps in the development of creative strategy.
    4. To recognize the relationship between advertising development and other elements of the marketing and communication mix.

Course Presentation :

    Course material will be presented through a combination of PowerPoint presentations, text readings, and current industry examples. Students will be required to activ ely participated in a team project. Students are responsible for all reading material prior to accessing the PowerPoint presentation materials, and should plan on contributing regularly to class discussion.

Parallel Section :

    ADV-311 is offered this sememster as a traditional lecture course and is being "videostreamed" for your access. If you wish to view the videostreamed lectures, there will be instructions posted on how to access this material.

Grading :

Course Policies :

It is imper ative that you keep current with your reading in order to gain from lecture. Attendance is in your best interest as questions for the exam will come from both the text and lecture discussion. At the professor's desecration a "secret word" may be given i n a particularly poorly attended class which could have significant point value on an exam. You are expected to take an active role in class discussion. Class participation may factored in your final grade.

Your team project is worth 60% of all po ints in this course and is extremely important. Failure to actively contribute in your team project will ensure a poor grade. Exams cannot be made up at a later date without prior approval from the professor. Any evidence of cheating will earn a grade of " 0" for the work in question.

Tentative Course Schedule :

DateMaterial to Be Covered In Class
1/13Intro ductory Remarks
1/15Chapter 1
1/20Chapter 2
1/22Chapter 3
1/27 Chapter 4
1/29 Review Chapters 1-4, Teams Assigned; Situ ation Analysis
2/03 Team Meeting
2/05 Chapter 5
2/10 Chapter 6
2/12 Team Meeting
2/17 Chapter 7
2/19 Chapter 8; Mid Term Study Guide
2/24 Review Chapter 5-8
2/26 Situation Analysis due; Creative Strategies Assigned
3/03 Review for Mid Term
3/05 Mid Term Exam
3/10 Spring Break
3/12 Spring Break
3/17 Chapter 9
3/19 Review Mid Term
3/24 Chapter 10
3/26 Chapter 11
3/31 Chapter 12; Creative Strategies Due
4/02 Team Meeting; Creative Executions Assigned
4/07 Review Chapters 9-12
4/09 Chapter 13
4/14 Chapter 14
4/16 Team Meeting
4/21 Chapter 15, Final Presentation Guide Assigned
4/23 Review Chapters 13-15 , Final Study Guide
4/28 Review for Final Exam
4/30 Final Team Presentations (Tentative Video Conference)
5/07 Final exam